"Thanks again for helping everything go so smoothly, it helps me alot when everything else was going so badly."
Ben - Portland

About Portland divorce lawyer Brad Gerke

Bradford M. Gerke
BS Political Science, Western Oregon University
JD, University of Oregon School of Law (Order of the Coif)

“Divorce, custody and modification proceedings have far more to do with strategy than drafting or filing documents” states managing attorney Colin Amos. “Brad’s background as a former professional poker player gives him a decisive advantage in the practice of family law. Any attorney can prepare general documents but when your relationship with your children or financial future is on the line it is comforting to have a passionate strategist.”

“You have to be willing to change gears in any case,” says Brad. “Each case requires a different approach, and during a case, as the case changes, so should your approach. I try to create game plans with clients that address their needs. There are certainly cases where the best results will come by being aggressive early, but there are other cases where finesse is a better route - the key is in knowing the difference.”

Brad is experienced in all phases of litigation including Depositions, negotiation and Trial. Prior experience as a City Prosecutor has assisted Brad in an extensive understanding of FAPA cases.

Brad is very active in his free time competing in dodgeball, kickball, softball and of course an occasional game of poker.