Maurice Cassidy
BBA-MIS University of Alaska, cum laude
JD Willamette University
Additional Studies: Physics, Portland State University

Maurice Cassidy
There is no substitute for being calculating and thorough. “Having a strong technical background and significant life experience, Maurice brings a decisive confidence to the table that clients need”, recognizes Managing Attorney Colin Amos. There are very few periods in life as significant as a divorce or custody matter. “Maurice’s clients have great confidence in his ability, not only to be a strong advocate, but also focus on the results that will help them successfully emerge from a very difficult transition.”

Maurice has three objectives when representing his clients. First, to help navigate their immediate legal needs; Second, to be fully considerate of how actions and choices today will affect future legal rights; and lastly, to assist in minimizing the trauma and stress a client feels so as to preserve the quality of those relationships, such as with their children, that really matter the most.

Married for 28+ years, Maurice has two grown children and two dogs. Hunting and fishing are both passions for Maurice. He also enjoys computers and all things technical.