About family law attorney Rick Saturn

Rick Saturn
BSBA, University of Denver
MBA, Golden Gate University
JD, Golden Gate University School of Law

“Rick is one of the most effective attorneys I have ever met. His diverse and significant legal background, incredibly positive perspective and true compassion for his clients make him easily amongst the top tier of family law attorneys in the state of Oregon”. states Managing Attorney Colin Amos. Rick puts it simply himself in saying “I effectively get to the bottom line.”

His 25+ years of practice, combined with a significant financial background and intricate understanding of real estate law, allow Rick to manage the most complicated high net worth cases. Understandably, clients with closely held companies, stock options, real estate holdings, trusts, pre-nuptials and large incomes are very discerning in their selection of attorneys. Amos notes that “from the very first meeting, to execution of the final Divorce Judgment, clients have ultimate confidence in Rick’s ability to understand their financial situation and get the best outcome possible through settlement or Trial.”

Rick holds bar membership in four states, is actively involved in the Gus Soloman Inns of Court, the Royal Rosarians and was even appointed a Kentucky Colonel. He loves dogs, golf, old German cars, dining out and television. He despises tomatoes, mayonnaise, elevators that stop at every floor and babies sitting in first class.