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Divorce For Men

Portland’s premiere family law firm, Goldberg Jones, is committed to representing the husbands and fathers of Oregon and Washington in all family law matters.

Portland’s premiere family law firm, Goldberg Jones, is committed to representing the rights of husbands and fathers in Oregon and Washington for all family law matters.

Family Law Practice Areas


Divorce is much more than filing paperwork and paying fees. Even simple cases can become complicated. This disrupts your life, and the lives of the people you care about. Mistakes often cause lasting damage. If you’re going to end your marriage, it’s important to do it right.
Divorce For Men

Child Custody

It’s vital to maintain a presence in the lives of your children. Child custody is one of the most important issues fathers face. The custody and visitation arrangements put in place here establish all future contact with your kids and many factors impact this. Fathers have rights in child custody.
Child Custody

Child Support

Child support represents one of the biggest expenses parents face after divorce and custody cases. These payments cover the cost of food, shelter, clothing, and other daily expenses of raising a child. You may be entitled to receive payments or obligated to make them. Oregon follows a formula to determine the amount.
Child Support

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Family Law Blog

We maintain a regular blog that covers a range of common family law topics. Our thought leader posts contain information about various subjects related to our practice. They touch on divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, and other areas of interest to husbands and fathers.

We attempt to demystify the divorce process by offering useful information about common topics and frequently asked questions.

The Goldberg Jones blog serves an informational purpose only and is not legal advice.

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How The New Tax Plan changes divorce.

The massive new tax plan Congress passed late last year is going to have wide-reaching impact. Rates are set to change, new cuts take effect, and you may even be able to deduct your private jet.
In short, sweeping transformations are in store. Its fingers will reach into all aspects of your life, including divorce. The new tax plan will have a variety of lasting consequences, and in many cases, change the way we negotiate divorce.
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How We Help You

Divorce laws vary a great deal from state to state. Knowing the specific statutes, laws and specific rulings can make or break a case. Our Portland-based attorneys are well versed in Oregon and Washington laws and offer professional, honest representation. We steer you through the process and help protect what’s most valuable to you.


Family law is our sole focus. As leaders in the field, we offer definitive answers and a candid appraisal of your options.


No two cases are ever identical. Colin Amos, our managing attorney, examines the details of every case, assesses your individual situation, and provides guidance on how best to proceed.


Our attorneys take strong, active steps to protect you, your family, and your interests in divorce and other family law matters. We defend your rights as a husband and father.
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Family Law For Men

Divorce lasts much longer than the few months it takes to end your marriage. The decisions you make now impact you for years, even lifetimes. We know the importance of these matters, which is why we focus exclusively on family law. Our skilled, assertive, experienced attorneys stand with you, dedicated to defending your rights.
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