jason heym

“Jason Heym is a real straight shooter and I highly recommend him to any man who has ever been overwhelmed with matters of divorce and child support. Give him a call today, you won’t regret it!”

“I made the right decision to go with Goldberg Jones. Jason was able to see things from a man’s point of view and was very involved and professional with my case. The results of my case were better than I had expected, thanks to his attention to detail and using every resource available to him. I hope I don’t need his services again, but if I do, he’s my guy.”
Bill – Rainier

“Jason has been my attorney on two separate occasions. Walking through contentious issues such as these can be quite stressful. It helped me immensely to know that Jason is not only an extremely knowledgeable and talented lawyer, he also possesses a certain tenacity, aggressiveness, and confidence in protecting the best interests of his clients. Not only was his representation outstanding, he also took the time get to know me
and relate on a personal level, which was also much appreciated.”
Robert – Beaverton

Jason Heym

BA History, John Carroll University (OH)
JD/MBA, Willamette University

“There are few attorneys like Jason that have a personal and professional background so well suited to the practice of family law. While being very “book-smart,” having earned his joint MBA and JD degrees, I believe Jason’s value to his clients comes from his “street-smarts””, says Managing Attorney Colin Amos. Jason grew up in a tough Cleveland neighborhood and has earned everything with blood and sweat. This unique background makes him one of the toughest and most strategic in Portland. “Jason’s clients truly appreciate his passion and have no doubt that Jason is fighting for their rights.”

Jason describes himself as “aggressive and goal oriented, while still being sensible and never losing sight of the big picture.” He recognizes the value of educating his clients so they form a knowledgeable team. Jason places the highest of values on providing excellent client service, but that doesn’t stop him from “telling his client’s what they need to know, as opposed to what they want to hear.”

Jason is married with two children and a dog. When time permits, Jason enjoys cycling and is very passionate about hunting duck, deer and big game, or fishing for sturgeon or crab.

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