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How to Find the Best Child Custody Lawyer

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How do you find the best child custody lawyer? This is a big question.

Few things get us as riled up as our kids. That’s a big reason why custody cases so often become intense and antagonistic.

We want to fight for what’s best for our children. To ensure this, it usually benefits you to enlist the help of an attorney. But how do you find a child custody lawyer and what does that even mean?

Choosing The Best Child Custody Lawyer:

First off, what constitutes the “best child custody lawyer” differs from case to case.

The ideal match for one person’s personality and circumstances may not fit perfectly for another. In reality, it’s a matter of finding the best fit for you and your situation rather than the objective best attorney.

While there’s no universal roadmap to finding the best custody attorney, there are qualities to consider in your search.

1. Similar Case Experience

If you’re after the best child custody lawyer for you, one component is experience in similar cases. Look for an attorney with skills in the areas your circumstances require.

    • Is your case going to be complex and high conflict?
    • Does your child have special needs?
    • Is there an interstate element or a jurisdiction issue to take into account?

Whatever the particulars, make sure whoever you hire has the background to handle them.

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2. Specialization in Custody Cases

Like experience, specialization is also something to look for when trying to find the best child custody lawyer to represent you.

Custody attorneys all practice family law, but not all family law practitioners are custody attorneys.

Many are well-versed in multiple areas, but if an attorney is more interested in high-asset divorces, they may not be the right choice.

Do your homework and make sure the skill set matches your specific needs.

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3. Knowledge of Jurisdiction Laws

Laws and regulations vary a great deal from one state to the next.

The best child custody lawyer for your situation is one with an in-depth knowledge of the rules where you live. Or at least where the case will be handled—the two are not always the same.

In Oregon, it makes sense to hire an attorney who knows the ins and outs of Oregon law and how to aim for an optimal outcome. But if the case will be heard elsewhere, it often serves your interests to find someone local.

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4. Accessibility

In addition to knowing the laws, a local attorney may be the best child custody lawyer for your case for other reasons.

Accessibility is important. Not only when it comes to being available to answer questions, but also simple logistics. If you live in Eugene, it’s going to be more difficult to meet with an attorney in Portland. Technological tools have altered this in many situations, but it does remain something to be aware of.

    • It’s much easier to meet without having to take a whole day off work or travel a great distance.
    • Local representation may also make an attorney easier to vet—perhaps a friend can refer you or the regional bar association has recommendations.
    • Attorneys operating in a specific geographical area often also have established relationships with judges, courthouse staff, and others that can prove beneficial.

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5. Communication

This is someone you have to communicate with, but they also need to communicate on your behalf with the opposing party, judges, other lawyers, and your spouse.

They also may need to communicate with people who work outside of family law, like accountants, Skills in this area are understandably important.

Whoever you hire is also a person you have to spend time with and work with.

Ensuring you’re comfortable with them, confident in their abilities, and able to accurately communicate what you need, is key. You’ll likely experience more than enough conflict, avoiding strife with your lawyer makes everyone’s life easier.

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6. Consideration of Your Financial Resources

No surprise, hiring an attorney tends to be quite expensive.

Considering your financial resources, what you can and can’t spend, is important in determining the best child custody lawyer for you.

Knowing upfront how an attorney handles billing helps you manage expenses and keep a realistic expectation of the cost.

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7. Compassion

Divorce and cases involving kids and guardianship are intense, emotional times. The best child custody lawyer for you may be one who knows this and understands what’s at stake for your family.

You don’t necessarily need someone to hold your hand every step of the way. Hire a therapist or lean on family and friends for that. You do, however, want to find someone you can work with on a practical level towards a common goal. And a little compassion never hurt anyone.

Hiring the best child custody lawyer for your case is one of the most important decisions you may ever make. It can have a huge impact on your hearing and your life moving forward. This is why it’s vital to put in the time and legwork to make sure your attorney is the right fit for you, your family, and your situation.

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  1. I was on the phone the other day with my cousin who was telling me about some of her recent struggles. She is divorcing her husband and is thinking about hiring a child custody lawyer. Something she should probably know is to look for someone who shows compassion during the process and provides a helpful hand.

  2. Thanks for the tip to know up front how an attorney handles billing to help you manage expenses. My sister has been going through some troubles with her family and she wants to hire a child custody attorney. Since I’m close to her, I’ll be sure to help her figure out how to manage both finances and getting an attorney.

  3. I appreciate your advice on finding a child custody attorney that is local so that they are more available for meeting and assisting in the case. My brother and his wife are going through a divorce and for his sake, I think getting a custody attorney to make sure he gets fair time with his kids would be a good idea. We will have to look into local law offices and find one that he will be comfortable and confident working with.

  4. I think the most important tip you shared when picking a family lawyer is to choose someone with plenty of experience. I’ve read that the experience level a lawyer has will likely be a good indicator as to what you can expect the outcome of your case to be. If this is true, then taking the time to research a lawyer’s reputation and experience would be the most important thing to do before choosing who to hire.

  5. I’ll keep what you said in mind about getting a lawyer that is local and will communicate. My kids are on the line. There is no room to get a lawyer who won’t take it seriously.

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