Is Leaving the House in my Name Sufficient?

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In his most recent radio interview, Colin Amos talked about pre-nups,  Portland Divorce for men, and child custody. He took questions from callers and questions that were submitted to our website.

One question he answers asked about separate property and when to get a prenup. The question read:

I plan on getting married in a few weeks. I have a house in my name, some investment accounts, and a retirement account. I plan to leave all of these assets in my name and only open up a joint account for our joint expenses. Do I need a pre-nup to keep our assets separate?

Colin elaborates in on this and other issues in this radio interview:



Many of people feel that keeping their assets in their own name will protect those assets from being divided in a divorce. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily how it works and without the protection of a prenuptial agreement there is no way to guarantee your asset will be safe.

We get questions about pre-nups and protecting assets all the time from prospective husbands. Unfortunately, too  many of them are from men heading into their second marriage. Nevertheless, we are committed to giving you quality answers on the phone and through our consultations, feel free to call us with any questions about Portland family law and divorce for men. Call – (503) 731-8888

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