My wife is having an affair on Facebook. Do I need to hire an attorney? Or, can I do this divorce on my own?

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Colin Amos from Goldberg Jones answers questions from Portland and Clark County about divorce, child custody, and how to pick the right attorney. One father writes in to ask if he really needs an attorney.

My wife has been having a Facebook affair. This is not the first time. I am done. We have two kids and I have a small retirement plan. My house is underwater. Obviously, I don’t have much money. Do I really need to hire and attorney? Or, can I do this divorce on my own?

Colin’s answer is that it depends on the scenario. While in many simple cases don’t need an attorney, Colin suggests that you at least have an initial consultation to get an expert opinion and warnings about the common mistakes you can make.

We are seeing that scenario all the time with people getting online and getting into trouble. The reality is that sometimes you have tough cases and tough facts –  especially in cases where you have kids, retirement or anything of importance. If you try to go in there on you own, there are so many dynamics against you. The court process is confusing and she might get an attorney who can create some real problems. You might end up with a bad a result simply because you didn’t protect yourself.

So, I would always recommend you at least consult with an attorney to see all the mistakes that people make and help yourself avoid those mistakes. There are many common mistakes that you can avoid just by educating yourself. So, at least consult with an attorney, then make the decision whether or not you should hire an attorney thereafter.

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