How to Avoid Setting a Bad Precedent when Separating – Portland Divorce Lawyer’s Advice for Men

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Colin Amos leads off this week’s interview with some important issues for men to consider when separating. He answers a question by a local husband and father.

My wife and I have been in counseling and it has been suggested that we consider separating from each other. I have a daughter and my wife doesn’t work. This will pinch us financially. So, I am reluctant. Is there anything else I should be concerned about?

Colin’s answer is “Hell Yes!” Once you are separated, you need to be careful not set bad precedent. Listen to his explanation below:

Colin also addresses the following questions in this episode:

  • Can I my wife take my kids and move to California? Can she file for divorce out of Oregon? Can she keep the kids with her? Can I make her bring the kids back?
  • Who pays the taxes in a separation agreement? What happens if you were never married?
  • How can you void a marriage?
  • When you have temporary custody order, can you get the court to change the order to provide child support to the husband?
  • If you are not the primary parent in a custody agreement, how can you get the custody agreement changed? Do children over 12 have a say in a custody agreement?

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