Colin Amos, Talks Prenups

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Most people either hear about prenuptial agreements from the celebrity gossip page or from the classic Seinfeld episode. On your first marriage, most people never think about getting this valuable protection. However, divorce is a great learning experience and you would be surprised how many people get a prenup for their second marriage.

Recently, our managing attorney, Colin Amos, was on the radio to talk about Portland prenuptial agreements. He talks about when you need them, what protection they provide, and how to keep them from being reversed.
Listen for his creative suggestion on to present a prenup to your fiance.

If you are coming into a marriage with inheritance, existing property, retirement, or children, a prenuptial agreement is something to think about. Sitting down with an attorney to take stock of both of your assets before marriage can help make sure everyone is on the same page. Should you choose to go forward with a prenuptial agreement, it can be prepared rather quickly.


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