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A lesson from Scorpions drummer, James Kottak


TMZ is reporting that Scorpions drummer James Kottak has filed legal documents petitioning for primary custody of his teenage son under allegations that his ex-wife is an alcoholic and unfit to parent —she claims she has been sober since January, 2012.

In a recent radio appearance, our Portland managing attorney, Colin Amos, addressed the issue of substance abuse in custody cases and how you can proceed to protect your relationship with your child. Colin advises that if substance abuse is suspected, establishing evidence of the use is important. This can be achieved by asking the court to order a drug and alcohol assessment, getting family court services involved, and having a drug screen done like hair follicle testing and/or urinalysis. These tools can be used to eliminate the he-said she-said situation and establish any inappropriate substance abuse.

Substance abuse in custody cases can significantly affect the outcome and final decision of the court. Therefore, it is important to establish factors that will provide the best possible situation for the child early on. It is also essential to outline possible causes for concern and situations that aren’t promoting the best interest of the child.

Fathers play a crucial role in the lives of their children. It is imperative that if you are facing a custody dispute, or are petitioning for modification of the parenting plan, that you are aware of your rights and your options. Custody cases are often overwhelming for fathers that feel like they are at a disadvantage and having an aggressive advocate can help make the custody process easier. Listen to all of Colin’s advice in the clip below and then give us a call at (503) 731-8888. Colin will provide you answers to your custody and substance abuse questions over the phone at no charge.

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