Congrats to the 2013 GJBCC Lincoln William!

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Louisville may have taken the NCAA Division I title, but Lincoln William emerged victorious in this year’s Goldberg Jones Bracket Challenge. William’s bracket picks bested the other 260 participants and earned him the reward of a $250 Amazon Gift Card.

William picked 43 of the 63 games correctly and his bracket earned 145 out of a possible 192 points. William beat last year’s winner by 29 points and securing him the 2012 Goldberg Jones Bracket Challenge title.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s March Madness festivities. The NCAA Division I tournament is a fun event that we look forward to every spring. It offers us an opportunity to engage with our communities around a shared passion—basketball. The interjection of friendly competition is always a welcome addition to our offices come March and we hope you enjoyed the tournament as much as we did.

With the NCAA tournament complete our blog will return to our regular programing. We will continue to bring you informative articles that focus on educating husbands and fathers on their rights and options for navigating the difficult situations of divorce, custody, and other family law related issues.

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