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Custody, Restraining Orders and Divorce

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Colin Amos stopped by “Sports 750 The Game” to chat all things family law. The first hot topic of the conversation addressed professional football star Deion Sander’s recent custody battle.

Sanders has been awarded full physical custody of his two older children and shared physical custody of the couple’s youngest daughter. But the custody wasn’t earned without a fight. The couple’s divorce has been contentious and  has even resulted in restraining orders being filed.

On the heels of the discussing Sander’s restraining order, Colin dove into the question “what can men do to protect themselves from being falsely accused of domestic violence?” Colin’s advice—keep a level head, avoid heated arguments, and leave before a situation escalates.

Restraining orders and domestic violence should not be taken lightly. If your partner has joked about getting a restraining order it is important to take those statements seriously.  Avoiding false allegations of domestic violence is often easier than navigating a he-said she-said situation. If you are concerned about false allegations or restraining orders, speak with a family law attorney. An experienced divorce lawyer can assess your situation and advise you on the best course of action.

Another question asked was “What is a contempt petition and when should one be filed?” Colin explained that a contempt petition is a tool used to enforce compliance of a court order. Meaning—the court has handed down an order, the individual named in the order is not adhering to it, and the court needs to step in to make sure the order is followed.

Colin commented that contempt petitions can be common when a court ordered parenting plan has been violated. One common scenario that calls for a contempt petition is when one parent is being denied their allotted time. There are two options for fathers being denied court ordered time with their kids: do nothing or enforce the court order.

 Listen to Colin’s advice in the clip below and if you have legal question about contempt petitions, restraining orders, divorce, custody, or any other family law issues, call Colin directly at (503) 731-8888. Colin will answer you family law questions over the phone at no charge. If your situation requires a more in-depth analysis, initial consultations are a flat rate of $95.

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