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Colin Amos stopped by Sports 750 The Game to discuss all things family law. During this appearance, Colin covered everything from a Pennsylvanian woman’s attempt to get a divorce by calling 911 to legal questions from husbands and fathers.

One question Colin tackled is a common concern among fathers facing a breakup. The question came from Portland and inquired, “My ex and I have a child together and were never married. She has relocated to another state. Do I have a say in where the children live? What are my rights as a father?

As a Portland divorce attorney, Colin provided some advice on the situation by highlighting how easy it is to unintentionally set a bad precedent. Fathers going through a breakup will often try to salvage the relationship and concede to give their partner space. The partner will often take the kids and stay with friends or relatives for a few months. Unfortunately if the reconciliation isn’t successful, a new routine has already been established and a precedent is set.

Colin suggests that fathers proceed with caution during a breakup, once a new precedent has been set, it can be difficult to revert the situation. Every relationship has its own set of unique circumstances and Colin suggests discussing your situation with a family law attorney before the relationship comes to an end.

 Listen to all of the advice in the clip below. If you would like Colin to answer your legal questions, give him a call. Answers over the phone are always free and there is no obligation. (503) 731-8888

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