5 Thanksgiving Solo Missions

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Single parent holiday

For men newly divorced or going through the divorce process, the holiday season can be a challenging time. If this Thanksgiving is looming large as your first solo holiday, you might be tempted to hibernate. Instead of hunkering down and avoiding the festivities, consider celebrating with one of these solo missions.

Hiking– A dose of nature and the solitude of a hiking trail can be a welcome change from the hustle and madness of traditional Thanksgiving celebrations. Portland has a plethora of fantastic hikes in and around the city and with most people stuffed to the gills you there is a good chance trail traffic will be light.  Pack yourself a turkey sandwich, hit the trail, and take some time to ruminate over all the positive things you are grateful for.

Football – Spending Thanksgiving solo can be a major plus if you are a football fan. You can skip the traditions and cut straight to the gridiron. Numerous bars around Portland will be airing the Turkey-day games and you will be able to feast on an assortment of grub while getting your football fix. An added bonus of catching the game at the neighborhood bar is you will be surrounded by likeminded people—football fans that want an uninterrupted binge of football.  You can find a list of bars open on Thanksgiving here.

Feast with new friends– Want the traditional Thanksgiving feast without the shopping, cooking, and clean up? Head down to Prost! Portland. This year will mark their fourth annual Thanksgiving Turkey Feed. The meal is open to anyone wanting great food and company —and did we mention the feast is free? The dinner is hosted at the pub and is prepared by the staff and families of Prost! Donations are accepted and all the money collected will be donated to a local charity. The event details can be found on the event’s Facebook page.

Movie marathon– If you are looking for some quality solo time this Thanksgiving, consider a movie marathon at your local theater. This is great opportunity to catch up on the latest releases like Skyfall, Argo, or Lincoln. A dark theater is an excellent respite from traditional celebrations —no awkward conversations or lumpy gravy.

Volunteer– The holidays can be a great time to volunteer. Giving back to your community and people in need can help you focus your energy into creating something positive. Volunteering has been shown to have psychological benefits, especially during the holiday season. Volunteering can also be a great way to meet new people and make new friends. For tips on meeting new people and being a great conversationalist check out the post “How to Talk to People” on our Portland blog.

Regardless if you want solitude or to be social, these missions are a great alternative to traditional Thanksgiving celebrations. If you are looking for more information on navigating the holiday season, you might be interested in a blog post by our San Diego office “Holiday Help for Men”.

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