Divorce nightmare: my ex-wife was a lawyer

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A recent blog post, by Staci Zaretsky on Above the Law, highlighted the story of one man burned by his ex-wife’s legal background. The story paints a tale of a couple, Andrea Shomer and Andrew Left, who married in 2001 and then later divorced to the tune of almost $50,000 a month in support payments.

After becoming pregnant, Shomer left her position as an attorney at ABC Entertainment and Touchstone Television to stay at home with the children. The marriage dissolved in 2008 and the divorce agreement awarded Shomer $32,547 a month for spousal support and an additional $14,590 a month for child support. Shomer was quickly engaged to be re-married to husband number two after the divorce from Left was finalized. This remarriage would potentially save Left from paying the almost $50,000 a month in support payments. The following is an excerpt from the original article detailing what happened next:­

But as frequently occurs in divorce train wrecks, not everything was wrapped up in a pretty little bow by the time that Andrea was supposed to get remarried on May 2, 2009, and Andrea didn’t want to involve her soon-to-be husband in pending litigation. So, like any former lawyer would do, Andrea neglected to obtain an important legal document that would’ve sealed the deal. From the California Second District Court of Appeal’s opinion:

“On May 2, 2009, the celebration took place in Palm Springs. Andrea testified that she would call the event a “commitment ceremony.” She wore her wedding dress, and she wanted the children to believe she was getting married. She and Todd signed a ketubah, which is a Jewish marriage contract. However, Andrea and Todd did not obtain a marriage license.”

Shomer’s failure to obtain a marriage license resulted in her having her wedding cake and eating it too. Shomer was able to wear her wedding dress, have a wedding-like ceremony, and keep collecting her $47,137 a month support payments. Zaretsky’s article quotes Left as saying, “I got screwed. No one knew she wasn’t married. I feel wronged.”

Left’s ex-wife’s legal knowledge allowed her to have a faux wedding and keep her single status —which in turn has Left still writing support checks. That certainly qualifies as a divorce nightmare.  

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