Will My Marriage End In Divorce?

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When a marriage hits a rough patch, it is common for men to wonder, “Will my marriage end in divorce?” There is a big difference between a rough patch and a marriage that has been derailed and is headed for divorce. Being able to distinguish between temporary challenges that happen in every relationship and irreconcilable differences is important.

Not all marriages that have hit hard times are doomed for divorce. When you are mired in the challenges of a relationship that is struggling it can be difficult to tell the difference between a temporary breakdown and sending it to the scrap yard.

Every marriage is different and the decision to divorce should not be made lightly. Relationships that are headed for divorce often share a few common threads: problems with communication, disengagement, and lack of conflict resolution.


Regardless if a relationship is romantic, platonic, or a business partnership, effective communication is a cornerstone for success. Relationships that are headed for divorce often lack the key elements of communication.  When communication stops being productive it can be a red flag that the relationship is headed for trouble. If your conversations are laden with sarcasm, accusations, or constant criticism, it can be difficult to recover from those communication patterns.

Additionally, if you find yourself approaching interactions with your wife with defensiveness or stonewalling, that can be an indicator of a relationship headed toward the point of no return.


Marital disengagement from either or both parties usually occurs as when the spouses are trying to distance themselves from the relationship. Sometimes this distancing is intentional, other times it is a subconscious detachment from the marriage. If you find that most of the time you spend with your spouse is accompanied by distractions like TV, books, games, surfing the web, etc. you may have established a pattern of avoidance.

Conflict Resolution

Disagreements and even arguments are not uncommon in romantic relationships. It can be healthy to disagree and even the best marriages will experience friction over some topics. The distinction between healthy disagreement and corrosive conflict often boils down to how the disagreement is handled.

If you and your wife fall into a routine, arguing about the same thing over and over again, this could indicate your marriage has become stagnant or is headed for trouble.  Additionally if one, or both, partners refuse to work towards a solution this can wreck havoc on the long-term viability of the marriage.

Determining if a troubled marriage is salvageable is no easy task and often requires the help of professionals like a counselor or therapist. Not to be taken lightly, the decision to divorce will have long lasting effects both emotionally and financially. If you think you might be headed towards divorce, it can be beneficial to speak to an experienced family law attorney to educate yourself on the legal implications of dissolving your marriage.

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