Child Support

One of the most important issues any parent faces in a Divorce, post-Divorce or Paternity case is that of child custody. As you can imagine many solutions need to be resolved between a father and mother. This process will define custody rights and visitation rights regarding time with his children.

The document that addresses the residential provisions, or custody, for your children is called a Custody Order or Parenting Plan. These Orders address issues such as a schedule of residential time with each parent, allocation of decision-making responsibility and provisions for future dispute resolution. In other words, your divorce proceeding will determine how much time you will be allowed to spend with your children and what decision making role you will play in their lives.

How We Can Help With Your Child Support Case:

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    Every Oregon divorce case is unique. Our managing attorney, Colin Amos, will review your situation with you and discuss your available options.

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Have questions about child support?

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Have questions about child support?

Finding the Right Child Support Lawyer

Oregon state child support laws may not have been written to favor women, but many men feel that is the practical result.
As a father it is especially crucial that you seek a Portland child support lawyer experienced in representing a father’s rights. Our Portland child support attorneys represent fathers in the greater Portland Oregon area and Clark County in Washington State.

Goldberg Jones has years of experience representing fathers in child support cases establishing original orders of child support and child support modifications. Our child support attorneys are well aware of the, often times, complicated issues that arise during these cases. You need an experienced Portland child support attorney to explain and protect your rights under Oregon State child support laws.

If you have child support questions, don’t wait to ask. We look forward to making sure you understand how child support operates and letting you know what we might be able to do to help. We’ll answer phone questions about your situation at no charge. There’s no obligation, and it’s free.
Have questions about child custody?

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