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6 Of Our Favorite Dad Blogs

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The internet is a wealth of information and resources. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it online. Key to our interests, there are countless outlets for husbands and fathers to support one another, share tips, and offer insight into the art of fatherhood. Dad blogs run the gamut from the informative and instructive to the inspirational and adorable.

We thought we’d take the opportunity to share a collection of our favorites websites dedicated to fathers and fatherhood, from the practical to the hilarious. Some dad blogs are full of useful hints and advice while others share encouraging stories. If nothing else, it can be nice to be reminded that you’re not going through this wild ride of parenthood alone.

All Pro Dad

Founded in part by former NFL head coach Tony Dungy, All Pro Dad was launched to inspire and celebrate fathers around the world. In addition to offering up helpful, practical advice on ways to be a great dad, they also host regular events all across the country as a way to give fathers and children the opportunity to spend more quality time together and raise funds for schools.

All Pro Dad Blog

Rookie Dad

No one gets it right the first time, and no one has all of the answers right out of the gate. We all know this, but sometimes it’s nice to see we’re not the only ones making it up as we go along. The Rookie Dad writes about the trials and tribulations of being a first-time parent, mixing heartfelt stories with useful information someone really should have told you ahead of time. He also reviews child-centric products, talks sports from time to time, and offers tips for how to stay in something that resembles shape while still trying to be an ideal parent.

Rookie Dad

Daddy Doin’ Work

Convinced that there are more good fathers out there than there are bad ones, Doyin Richards started Daddy Doin’ Work to celebrate everything about dads and the vital work that they do every day. An honest picture of what it means to be a father, the earnest, open writing covers topics ranging from the funny to the helpful to the emotional, just like being a real father. This is one dad sharing his experiences and what he’s learned, and the mistakes he’s made along the way, with the world. This is one of the more popular dad blogs out there.

Daddy Doin’ Work

Dad University

Just because you have kids and you’re a dad now doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. One of the biggest transitions you’ll ever make in life is from a carefree single guy to a husband and a father. This change can come as quite a shock, and the San Diego-based (formerly ‘Dudes to Dads’) blog, and the accompanying podcast offers a helping hand for those making this leap.

They share advice on a variety of topics, from becoming a father for the first time to reducing negativity in your parenting to dealing with bad influences on your kids. And if the online support isn’t enough, they also host regular in-person meetups.

Dad University (formerly Dudes to Dads)

Whole Parent

If being a father is the hardest job you’ll ever have, being a single dad can be an even more difficult task. At Whole Parent, John McElhenney shares candid, sincere stories on an array of topics.

He covers how to keep things positive in a divorce, shares advice on how to be the best parent you can during the time you have with your children, and even talks about starting to date again and how to approach that. The end of a marriage and losing custody of your kids can be an emotional time and lead to depression, and he also writes frankly about the struggles he has faced.

The Whole Parent

The Good Men Project

While not exclusively a dad blog, the Good Men Project is an in-depth look at what it means to be a man in the 21st century. As so much of masculinity is tied to being a husband and a father, there is a ton of fantastic content related to those topics.

An extensive, continuing discussion of what it means to be a man, and by extension a father, in the current social and cultural landscape, this website goes beyond most dad blogs and offers insightful articles about family, gender politics, sports, sex, and much more. Their goal really is to cultivate a discussion on manhood. More than just a blog, they foster a sense of community among their readers.

The Good Men Project

These are just a handful of our favorite dad blogs. There are, of course, countless other men out there offering up advice and sharing their stories about fatherhood. If you look, you can find almost any perspective that appeals to you. With more resources readily available than ever before, these outlets provide advice, support, and inspiration as we all attempt to be the best fathers we can.

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