portland restraining orders

Restraining Orders

ROs can come in many forms and have many appropriate uses.
A Restraining Order can prevent actions such as:

  • taking money from joint accounts,
  • making withdrawals from retirement or investment accounts
  • and running up significant debt/credit while the divorce is pending.

It is very common in a divorce setting to have Restraining Orders (RO) in place. Goldberg Jones is effective in its proactive use of Restraining Orders designed to protect our client, as well as defend against other Restraining Orders that are harmful or inappropriate.

Another use goes beyond purely financial restraints and can speak to the actions or behavior of either spouse.

It may be necessary to seek a RO in when there is a need to limit contact between the parties or prevent inappropriate behavior around your children.

Goldberg Jones recognizes that ROs can be effective tools in furthering our client’s best interests. We also recognize the importance of defending against ROs that are harmful or offensive to our clients.

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