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Spousal Support Modification

Spousal support (also called spousal maintenance or alimony), is designed to provide the lower-income spouse with money for living expenses regardless of gender.

Can I modify spousal support after the Divorce Decree?

If spousal support was ordered as part of the Divorce Decree or Judgment, either party may have the right to seek Spousal Support Modification so long as the award was not deemed non-modifiable originally.

Who can request a modification?

The receiving ex-spouse can seek an adjustment if the payer’s income has risen substantially.

Conversely, the payer may be able to seek to reduce or terminate spousal support if the ex-spouse has remarried or achieved financial independence.

Changes To Oregon Spousal Support Modification Law

On January 1, 2018,  Senate Bill 492 took effect in Oregon. Prior to this law coming into play, if you wanted to show that your ex’s financial state significantly improved, you had to actually file for a modification in order to request financial discovery.

SB 492 provides a post-judgment, out-of-court process for parties subject to a spousal support award to exchange financial documents.

Under the new legislation, you can request your ex’s significant financial information without going through such a lengthy process.

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