Colin Amos, Talks Prenups

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Most people either hear about prenuptial agreements from the celebrity gossip page or from the classic Seinfeld episode. On your first marriage, most people never think about getting this valuable protection. However, divorce is a great learning experience and you would be surprised how many people get a prenup for their second marriage. Recently, our managing …


Divorce Settlement – When to Fight

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Here in Portland, Divorce Lawyers have a multifaceted job. We are part advocate for the client and part scrivener (a fancy word document writer); but one of our most important jobs is to be a counselor and negotiator. As tempers flair and emotion starts to control your actions in a separation, it …

Criminalizing Poverty

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There was a very interesting article on MSNBC today about the problems that are faced by dads who lose their jobs. Many are stuck in the situation where they are unable to pay child support. After months of failing to pay, the court issues a warrant for their arrest. Many …

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Are Men Second Class Citizens in Divorce?

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The Huffington Post ran a very interesting opinion piece this week on Men’s Rights and Family Law. The author, who is a divorce lawyer from St. Louis, believes that men’s right issues have been elevated to that of a civil rights crisis. “Quite frankly, men’s rights has become a civil …

What are Grounds for Divorce in Oregon?

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When you read about recent divorces, you often see that “irreconcilable differences” were the basis for the separation. The reason that you hear “irreconcilable differences” so frequently is that the term comes from the modern “no-fault” divorce code. Before the passage of the no-fault code, a divorce was only allowed …