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Father's Rights

As written, custody laws don’t favor one parent over the other. There’s a common belief, however, that mothers have an unfair advantage.

Husbands and fathers face unique challenges in divorce and child custody cases. Our Portland-based attorneys understand the specific struggles that confront men. We’re committed to protecting fathers’ rights with strong, active representation.

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What are a Fathers' Rights?

Barring extreme circumstances, a father has the right to be part of his child’s life. This means on a regular basis and in a meaningful way. Both parents have equal rights and opportunities to pursue custody.

In the areas we serve, Oregon and Washington, it’s your right as a father to request custody.

If awarded custody, you may also petition the court for child support. These payments help cover the costs of necessities for your child. Even if the court doesn't grant you custody, you have the right see your children. Regular, reasonable visitation is your right as father under the law. Additionally, it’s your right for this time to remain free from interference by the other parent.

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Courts increasingly emphasize the importance of keeping both parents an active part of a child’s life following divorce or separation. This is important for fathers. It’s both your right and obligation to participate in raising your children. Unfortunately, you often have to fight to make sure this happens.

It may be your right to pursue custody, but it often takes time, energy, and effort to accomplish. Our attorneys have been through this process many times and can help every step of the way.

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