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Child Custody Modification

If there is a substantial change in your life that can or will alter your ability to stick to the parenting plan laid out in the settlement/custody agreement, a petitioner can request a custody modification.

What is a child custody modification?

Whether custody terms were set out in the divorce decree, or you were never married but have a court-approved custody agreement, you can petition to alter custody itself or to change specifics of the day-to-day parenting arrangements.

Are they possible in Oregon?

To make a child custody modification, you must show a change in circumstances. These factors often include one parent losing a job, drastic income change, and shifts in a child’s needs.

Typically, courts require a showing that there has been a substantial change in circumstance in addition to other factors to materially change a Custody Order unless the child is in immediate danger or for other sufficient reasons.

Remaining a part of your child’s daily life isn’t always as simple as it sounds. It’s important to you and your case to stand up and fight for your rights as a father. Nothing less than aggressive representation is acceptable for your child custody modification case.

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