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Chance Fewel

Divorce & Family Law Attorney

BA, Rhetoric and Media Studies, Willamette University
JD, University of Oregon School of Law

Chance is the type of attorney who immediately rolls up his sleeves and gets his hands dirty,” notes Managing Attorney Colin Amos. “He is not afraid to take on the most complicated case and follow it through to a conclusion.

This is why he has had such success in child custody cases, which are often the most contentious cases in family law.” Having litigated numerous Trials gives him a decisive advantage in both negotiations and trials if necessary.

His clients deeply appreciate his compassionate, direct and decisive advice when making tough decisions. “Once a decision has been made, his clients take comfort in knowing they have an attorney that will follow through.” Chance's understanding and supportive approach to family law issues make his clients feel understood and supported.

He further notes that “nothing is more important than your children and their safety. I have the ability to provide outstanding personal and professional support during this highly emotional process. I have the experience to take cases the distance to trial, but am progressive enough to take advantage of alternative dispute resolution methods such as Mediation.

Chance enjoys working out, managing his fantasy teams, and coaching his boys’ sports teams.

Client Reviews

Divorce is such a complicated endeavor in more ways than one. You have the abundant emotional component of heartbreak to deal with and, in addition to feeling the overwhelming dread of you having to part ways with the person you thought would have your back for life, you have these overwhelming legal decisions to deal with that will have a direct integral impact in your new life to come post-divorce.

I think most of us would agree that emotion and logic don’t live in the same space and that instead, they operate as separate checks on one another. Divorce tends to crank up the emotional noise volume to a level where you can’t clearly hear your logical mind and hence, the checks and balances that emotions and logic have on one another become temporarily dysfunctional.

My situation had an additional component of complexity because of custody related matters. Chance Fewel not only listened to my situation but gave me something which I had lost – hope. As you can imagine, a Family Law attorney’s job can’t be a walk in the part.

The nature of their business is such that they deal with people living through the worst times of their lives and it falls on them to help their clients establish a monetary, emotional, and parental foundation for their new lives to come after their divorce. I was not always the nicest person to Chance.

I often felt like no one was on my side and like the world was against me. But every time I was rude to Chance, Chance listened and responded to my concerns kindly, respectfully, and competently. Divorce is expensive, however, and I was not able to retain Chance’s services for the entirety of my divorce proceedings.

Chance, nevertheless, has been an incredible consulting resource. Chance answers my questions and provides me with sufficient guidance to where I have been able to build a roadmap of my options for the finalization of my divorce.

Chance will have hundreds of clients throughout the course of his career. But I, hopefully, will only have had one divorce attorney – Chance Fewel – and I will forever be grateful to him for helping me get to see and spend time with my son again.


I had Chance Fewel as my attorney. After changing attorney mid divorce to Chance my divorce went extremely smooth. I would highly recommend Chance to anyone who is going threw a divorce. He will jump right into action!

Chance is very thorough on explaining everything to you and making it a stress-free environment. Most professional individual I have ever worked with. I would give 6 stars if I was able to. Thank you for all your help and all the endless phones I made to you.

Zac M.
We have been very happy with the representation we’ve had with this firm. Mr. Fewel has been excellent and we would recommend GJ to anyone needing family law representation.
Kelly B.
We feel fortunate to have been able to retain Goldberg Jones in a time crunch during a legal crisis. Mr. Fewel has done a great job for us! We would recommend them to anyone going through a divorce or family law issue. Their service has given us peace of mind and has been absolutely worth it!
Kelly M.
I have a very good experience with my case at golber Jones .my divorce was successful and quick.my lawyer Chance fewel was representing me and he was a very efficient, hard worker he explained to me every single thing to make sure I understand. He is the best lawyer and I'm so happy with the results he got at the court for my children and me.and definitely recommend chance fewel at golberg Jones as the best option.

Chance Fewel was my attorney through my first devoice with two small children. I had no idea what to expect or direction to take. Chance was there to answer every question I had.

He immediately emailed or took my call whenever I was confused and needed advice. In contrast my wife’s attorney would not return her calls in a timely manner. As a result, Chance and I lead the devoice with our figures and demands.

Chance gave me clear well explained financial numbers to prepare to discuss with my wife. He also gave me honest real-world estimates if we were to drag on in court. In the end I felt like I had a real ally in my corner and I was prepared for the fight.

Chance also gave me great advice on what is reasonable for custody and what looked out of place with my wife’s proposals. Luckily, we did not have to go to battle. I believe this is a direct result of the ironclad financial numbers Chance prepared. This led me to be informed and I could then negotiate with confidence. I would highly recommend Goldberg Jones, and Chance Fewel.

Marc F.

Chance Fewel represented my brother Todd during his divorce and custody arrangements. He kept Todd on a positive path on what was a very difficult divorce and always watched out for Todd's best interests but more importantly, the best interests of his children.

When my brother died unexpectedly, Chance was so compassionate toward our family and went above and beyond to help us navigate a very sad and turbulent time in our lives. I highly recommend Chance. His compassion, professionalism, and excellent representation are a cut above.


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