Divorced Dads

7 Back To School Tips For Divorced Dads

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It’s hard to believe it’s almost time for the kids to go back to school. Depending on where you live, it may have already happened. It’s always tough for the kids to give up the freedom of summer break and return to the classroom. But it’s often equally difficult for the parents, especially newly divorced dads. Adjusting takes time, but we’ve got some tips that may help. The start of a new school year often …

Back to School

5 Family Adventures In Portland Before The Kids Go Back To School

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It’s somehow already almost the end of summer. August crept up on us, stores are advertising back-to-school sales, and the kids are already dreading the return to the classroom. You may wonder where the summer went—it happens to all of us. But don’t worry, there’s still time to squeeze in more seasonal adventures before kids go back to school. One of the great benefits of living where we do is the wealth of events and …

Divorce Lawyer

Do I Need A Divorce Lawyer If My Spouse Has One?

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One of the biggest questions you’ll ask yourself while ending a marriage is whether or not you need a divorce lawyer. No two divorces are ever the same, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It all depends on the specific circumstances of your case. But what if your spouse hires one? In that case, should you hire a divorce lawyer too? The short answer is yes. If your spouse hires a divorce lawyer, it’s in your …

file for divorce first

Hurry Up Or Wait: Should You File For Divorce First?

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People often look for any advantage they can find when it comes to divorce. For a process known to be contentious and full of conflict, this makes sense. In some cases, ending a marriage resembles open warfare. Many maneuvers and strategies can do provide an edge. One question that frequently comes up is whether or not to file for divorce first. Many people believe that if you file for divorce first, it gives you an …

steve o'hagan

Portland Attorney Steve O’Hagan Joins Goldberg Jones

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Goldberg Jones would like to welcome the latest addition to our Portland team: Steve O’Hagan. He’s an experienced attorney, a strong advocate for his clients, and a valuable resource for the husbands and fathers of Portland and the surrounding areas. A tenacious litigator, Steve serves the best interests of his clients through a combination of thorough preparation and quick thinking. His passion for the law comes from his desire to help people through difficult times. …

divorce mistakes

5 Common Ways People Damage Their Own Divorce Cases

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Over the course of the process, divorce tends to get messy and complicated. In straightforward, low-conflict cases, things may progress smoothly. But with forms to fill out, appointments to appear at, and many other moving parts, it doesn’t take much for problems to arise. And that doesn’t even take flaring emotions into account. It’s important to pay attention to the details and the small stuff so you don’t get tripped up. With all that can …

For Father’s Day: 10 Great Movie Dads

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Father’s Day is upon us once again, the holiday where we celebrate dads and everything they do for us. There are countless ways to mark the occasion. It’s almost officially summer, the weather’s getting better day-to-day, and barbecues and baseball games are classic ways to spend a sunny afternoon. But one of our most cherished Father’s Day traditions is watching movies with the old man. (Or with the kids if you’re the old man.) With …

happy graduates

Graduation Season: Dos And Don’ts For Divorced Parents

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As the school year winds down, graduation takes center stage for many families. Finishing high school represents a significant milestone. It often signifies the end of one chapter in a young person’s life and the beginning of the next. For this, among other reasons, it’s important to celebrate. But like many other situations, graduation season gets tough when it involves divorced parents. When parents aren’t together, graduation often turns into a minefield. Hopefully, both parties …

hiring a divorce lawyer

Should I Hire A Divorce Lawyer?

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These days, it’s easier than ever to get divorced. You can find the forms online, fill them out yourself, and if you follow the proper procedure, end your marriage. This do-it-yourself approach works like gangbusters in some situations, but not for others. At some point in the process, you need to ask yourself if you should hire a divorce lawyer. You have a lot of choices to make during this time, and deciding whether or …

mistakes men make in divorce

8 Common Mistakes Men Make In Divorce

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Divorce is often a long, complicated process. Between warring spouses, opposing counsel, judges, negotiations, and a nearly endless parade of paperwork, there are a lot of moving parts to contend with. With so much to juggle, it’s easy to get tripped up. Keeping that in mind, here are eight common mistakes men make in divorce. Some are practical in nature. Others involve simple things like self-care that too often get missed along the way. 1. …