can a primary move away with your kids?

Can A Custodial Parent Relocate After Divorce?

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Co-parenting after divorce is difficult. Custody arrangements, parenting plans, schedules, and continuing conflict between exes all impact parenting time. And circumstances often change. What if one parent plans to move with a child? What can you do about potential relocation after divorce? In general, the law recognizes maintaining close relationships …

do step parents have rights

Do Step-Parents’ Have Rights in Oregon?

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As common as divorce and remarriage are, the topic of step-parents comes up often in cases that involve children. More specifically, questions about step-parents’ rights and responsibilities frequently come up. Step-parents often form deep emotional bonds with children who aren’t biologically theirs. It can be devastating to lose these. Children …

Oregon Custody: Parenting Evaluations

Child Custody Evaluation: What Is A Parenting Evaluation?

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Child custody cases pose many issues during and after divorce. Problems arise that make it difficult for couples to reach a suitable custody agreement. Ideally, both parties will work together to create an acceptable parenting plan and residential schedule. But that doesn’t always happen. In reality, parents often have to …

what is the right of first refusal

Right Of First Refusal: What You Need to Know

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The right of first refusal can be an important piece of a child custody order. After divorce or battles over guardianship, non-custodial parents can use this measure to spend as much time with their kids as possible. One question, however, often comes up: Does this do more harm than good? …

Child Custody If A Parent Has a Mental Illness

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Mental illness affects many people. Still, it’s often a difficult topic for many people to talk about. Even if kept hidden, mental illness impacts every facet of a person’s life, as well as those around them. It often has a devastating influence on relationships and marriages. Not only does it …

can you fight parental alienation

Fighting Parental Alienation

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In the wake of a divorce, it’s not uncommon for parent-child relationships to take a hit. You may not see your child as often and you may not be a part of their day-to-day lives. This is tough, but it’s even worse in cases where parental alienation rears its ugly …