About Goldberg Jones

Goldberg Jones is a local office of Portland divorce attorneys serving the greater Portland area and Clark County, Washington. Our representation on husbands’ and fathers’ rights. Our team of Portland divorce lawyers is energetic, knowledgeable, and aggressive in protecting your rights under Oregon divorce law.

Whether you need a divorce attorney because you have been served papers, or would like to consult with a divorce lawyer, call Goldberg Jones for more information.

Goldberg Jones believes we are your best choice among divorce lawyers because we practice Family Law exclusively and focus our representation on husbands’ and fathers’ rights. Goldberg Jones represents men in cases of family law, including child support law, divorce law, child custody law, and paternity law.


Goldberg Jones Divorce For MenGoldberg Jones opened their doors in January of 1996. Founding members Bill Goldberg and Rick Jones realized a need for husbands and fathers in the Seattle area to have a legal resource and a firm that would champion their rights in divorce, child custody, child support, or other family law matters. Clients agreed!

The Seattle office grew rapidly based on excellent results, personal referrals, and marketing that spread the word that men now had an ally in the legal system.

Kenneth Alan, Managing Attorney has been able to seamlessly handle the office’s growth, yet maintain the direct client contact, accessibility, and responsiveness that our clients value greatly.

It was not uncommon to get calls from prospective clients that were outside of the Seattle area but desirous of our services.

So, in 1997, Goldberg Jones opened their Portland office. Just as with Seattle, Portland clients have been directly responsible for our consistent growth and reputation within the legal community.

Tremendous credit also goes to the tireless efforts of Managing Attorney Colin Amos, whose leadership by example has created a culture of success and a team of attorneys that is unparalleled in Portland.

Opening the San Diego office proved to be an easy task with Managing Attorney Zephyr Hill at the helm. With his thorough demeanor and a keen eye for talented attorneys, he has facilitated a mirrored growth that Goldberg Jones has come to expect. Even though each state’s law is different, the collective offices of Goldberg Jones have created a synergy, with each benefiting from the other and a clear course charted for continued success.

Front area receptionGoldberg Jones has grown from a three-person startup to a multi-state firm with dozens of attorneys devoted solely to the practice of family law, specifically, the representation of husbands and fathers.

We believe we correctly saw the need for a man’s voice to be heard in family law courts, but we are truly humbled by the continually increasing flow of men who choose to have us be part of their team.

We take seriously our obligation to continue to provide the level of service, compassion, and results that have made us perhaps the largest firm of its kind catering to men’s family law needs.