Steve O'Hagan

Divorce & Family Law Attorney

BA Bucknell University JD University of California
Hastings College of the Law

A tenacious litigator, Steve O’Hagan is dedicated to serving his clients' best interests through thorough preparation and quick thinking. His passion for the law comes from his desire to help people through difficult times.

Steve tackles every case professionally and has the drive to produce the most favorable outcome. Meticulous and dedicated, he knows the best tool for a particular job is the one that best helps clients achieve their goals, and he’s equally at home working out settlements as he is participating in trials.

Before entering family law, Steve served as a prosecutor for the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office for ten years. Part of his motivation was his desire to represent actual people instead of the county. Steve’s extensive experience handling complex and difficult matters is critical in evaluating the proper strategy for his clients.

Talking about Steve, managing attorney Colin Amos says, “Steve’s experience as a prosecutor helps make him a sharp negotiator who is exceptionally comfortable in the courtroom. His background provides him with a decisive advantage over opposing attorneys since many family law attorneys do not have much actual trial experience. Clients love his understated confidence, significant experience, and appreciate that they have a true advocate on their side.

Steve received his bachelor’s degree from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania and his juris doctor from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco.

When he’s not fighting for the rights of his clients, Steve spends as much time as he can with his own family. He loves to surf, play slide guitar, and train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Client Reviews

I’d like to say this Steve o’hagan has been one of the best lawyers I have every ask for his professionalism and kindness is off the charts and extremely intelligent about the law and have helped me in such a way I couldn’t ask for I definitely recommend choosing Goldberg Jones cause if there are more people like him in the world it would generally be a better place
Paul A.

This is my first review I have provided and appreciate Steve for being there with me. I was very happy with everybody Goldberg Jones that I dealt with in the Portland firm. Colin was extremely helpful and answered all my questions and gave great advice free of charge from the 3-4 calls I made before engaged the firm.

Steve O’Hagan was assigned to me based off my discussions with Collin. Divorce is difficult for everybody especially when you are divorcing somebody you consider the love of your life and was not something you want to do after 39 years of marriage.

Best advice Steve gave was to keep the emotion out, take the high road and don’t be vindictive just focus on the things you have control. Steve and I worked very good together, I provide a detail spreadsheet and he provide me in great detail on the law and what to expect in each motion, negotiations and possible ruling with the judge/mediator.

We worked great on all our responses/negotiations together and making sure he was communicating my wishes and listening to what I wanted. I came up with some interesting resolutions and he listen to them all and gave me his feedback and recommendations to make sure I was thinking of everything and make sure I am protected.

He even understood and respected my moral values that I was glad things were finally complete, but he understood that I was not celebrating that the civil marriage was over.

Pa B.
I felt like Steve O’Hagan pulled out a miracle for me here. He helped me navigate a very unpleasant situation and not only did he address the urgent needs of my case (like temporary custody of my daughter) he also helped me win full custody and relocate to another state to be close to my extended family. I can’t recommend Steve and Goldberg Jones enough.
I used Steve For a pretty complicated divorce and child custody situation. Since the first phone call has been very cooperative and understanding, I’m also currently overseas and he’s made this whole process a lot easier by making our means of communication very precise and informative and has made this whole divorce process practically stress-free. I’ll definitely be using his services again if I’m ever in the situation, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

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