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Bradford Gerke

This review is for Brad Gerke, Attorney at Goldberg Jones. I could not recommend him more highly. He got me through a very difficult and from what I am told one of the craziest divorces. Brad is knowledgeable of the law and demonstrated a strong litigation ability when we went to trial. Nothing is fun about having to hire an attorney but at least i feel like he represented me well and got me through a real bad situation. Bob B, AKA Honey B
I recommend Brad Gerke, attorney for your legal needs. He supported me through a 2+ year divorce that dealt with multiple opposing counsels and an irrational ex-wife. Brad demonstrates and is often consulted by his co-workers for his high degree of understanding of the law. He represented me in a 3 day trial that resulted in a positive and appropriate outcome for my situation. He helped aggressively defend unsubstantiated accusations that could have impacted me for a lifetime. In the end I was pleased with the outcome. The legal process regardless of attorney is slow and frustrating at best. Brad I feel had my back and did his best to minimize my financial impact and frustrations.

When you need a great lawyer, you NEED a great lawyer. I’m from Southern OR and found myself in need of a lawyer experienced in interstate child custody disputes and the UCCJEA after my previous lawyer refused to argue jurisdiction (-despite Oregon having full jurisdiction under the provisions of the UCCJEA.)

When I contacted Goldberg Jones I was in a tough spot and beginning to think I was crazy after my last lawyer told me I was wrong. I forget who I spoke with first at the firm, but they suggested Brad Gerke was the attorney that I needed to work with.

I left him a voicemail and he called me back within the hour!!! I explained my situation and shared what my other lawyer said. I had done my research and read the entire UCCJEA and was so confused as to why the other lawyer wouldn’t fight jurisdiction.

I think Mr. Gerke was impressed at my resolve agreed with me that Oregon was the home state and had full jurisdiction to hear the case. He agreed to take my case and fight jurisdiction. He was fairly easy to get ahold of, and fairly prompt in replying to communications.

(He’s a busy guy and devoted to his clients, so I understand the few times where I couldn’t get ahold of him as quickly as I would’ve liked. It’s hard to be patient when the most important thing in your life is at stake and an issue or question arises.).

He was very thorough, knew the code of laws like the back of his hand, was very resourceful in creative problem solving, and was compassionate. After our conversations on issues, strategies, trial preparations, etc; he would always stop and ask me how I was doing and holding up.

After having my son relocated halfway across the country under the guise of a “vacation” and the case turning into a giant nightmare, I was losing my mind and it was so heartwarming to feel that my attorney genuinely cared about me and my situation!!! Inside the courtroom Mr Gerke was well prepared, tactful and articulate in his delivery, and a bulldog in his arguments. He really knocked the ball out of the park.

We were both dumbfounded by the judge choosing to give up jurisdiction to TX despite the law under the UCCJEA and despite having clearly won the arguments in the courtroom. But the judge’s decision was wrong and he later ended up accepting that Oregon had jurisdiction. Mr Gerke was sympathetic of my situation and did all he could to keep his costs down.

We even brought in co-counsel locally to be able to physically appear so Mr Gerke didn’t have to come all the way down here from Portland for court. After jurisdiction was regained here in Oregon, Mr Gerke felt confident that our local co-counsel was capable of finishing out the case without him; rather than me keep him on and have to pay for 2 lawyers on the case.

Nothing against my local attorney, but I wish with all my heart I could have afforded to keep Mr Gerke on for the entirety of the case and been able to bring him down here for all of the hearings.I know my review is a bit long winded, but I felt that sharing my full experience is the least I could do for someone who I am still so grateful for having the pleasure of working with.

To clients, these matters are paramount and will be life changing; but to lawyers it’s just another day in court. -But with Brad Gerke, it was different. I could tell that he respected the gravity of the situation for me and gave it his very best work. I respect him for being one of the best attorneys in his field and further for being a great person.

If you need a great attorney for divorce or custody disputes, you will definitely get what you pay for if you’re lucky enough to get to work with Mr Brad Gerke.

Regardless of how the outcome turned out, I’d still leave the same review. Being the first time I’ve retained an attorney, I was blown away by how much I spent. However, at the start of my case, I told myself that I’d bury myself in debt as long as I could protect my son. Let me tell you, it was worth every penny!!!!

My initial consultation with Colin was a sales pitch that they actually delivered on. I was referred to Brad Gerke, who’s communication and ideas were appreciated and invaluable. Everything Brad said he would do, he delivered on. My son will never know what all you have done for our family but will be better off as a result. Thank you.
After my initial meeting with Colin Amos, Brad Gerke was assigned to my case. Brad was clear from the beginning about the course my case could take.

He adjusted well to the changes in direction, and although the resolution took a lot longer than I thought it would, I think that proceeding during Covid caused the most delay. I would definitely recommend Goldberg Jones and Brad Gerke to friends and family.
I had an outstanding experience with Goldberg Jones, specifically Bradford Gerke. He had to jump in part way through my divorce after several procedural errors by another firm.
He understood the dynamics of my situation immediately, got us on the right track, and ended up with a great outcome for my family. I would absolutely recommend Brad and the team at Goldberg Jones.
When I reached out to Goldberg Jones for help in my divorce I retained the services of Brad Gerke who was straightforward, calm and focused on my case.

Gentlemen, divorce is expensive both financially and emotionally... but doesn't compare to the cost of having peace of mind, parental rights, division of assets, and understanding the realities of the legal system and life thereafter.

Suffice it to say, I experienced a complicated case; One of those nasty divorces we see on television; Goldberg Jones and Brad Gerke helped level the playing field with professionalism and I know and recommend they are worth every penny.
There is something to be said about having the top dogs in a fight. Goldberg and Jones are it. They are efficient and VERY thorough! They have that intimidation factor that is so important to outside threats. Brad Gerke won't put up with anything and doesn't waste time with nonsense from opposing counsel.

They might cost a bit more but they charge fairly. No surprises. If you do what Brad and his colleagues say, you will get the best outcome possible, that's all there is to it. I'm a father and I got all my kids legally and they are safe because of Brad Gerke. Go with Goldberg and Jones. Don't waste time or money with the other guys.
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Chance Fewell

I’ve had nothing with great experiences at Goldberg Jones. Chance is a great guy and a great attorney. A real straight shooter who tells you exactly how it is. I would highly recommend Chance to anyone needing a family law attorney who is truly on your side.
Great firm that I have used multiple times for family law issues over the years. I have worked with multiple attorneys and each did a great job for me. I have recommended them to multiple people and they all had a good experience with Goldberg Jones Portland as well. Special thank you toe Chance Fewel and Colin Amos for all the help through the years.
I came in just to seek some advice on a matter and left feeling like all of the weight from stress had been lifted from my shoulders. Chance showed genuine compassion and the utmost professionalism. He was fair, honest, and most importantly treated me like a human being.

I felt comfortable and for the first time like the law was actually on my side which is such a struggle for men in Clark County. Worth EVERY penny because I got the results I deserved!!!! Thank you Chance, cannot wait to work with you again in the future because I know you will be there when my son and I need you!!!! Thank you so much!!!!
I came in just to seek some advice on a matter and left feeling like all of the weight from stress had been lifted from my shoulders. Chance showed genuine compassion and the utmost professionalism. He was fair, honest, and most importantly treated me like a human being.

I felt comfortable and for the first time like the law was actually on my side which is such a struggle for men in Clark County. Worth EVERY penny because I got the results I deserved!!!! Thank you Chance, cannot wait to work with you again in the future because I know you will be there when my son and I need you!!!! Thank you so much!!!!
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Billy Prince

I hired Billy Prince for my Divorce. Being Active Duty Military, he was very flexible, helpful and understanding of my highly demanding job. He did a great job during my lack of input or availability to communicate on my behalf, which in turn relieved a tremendous amount of stress during hard time. I would recommend him to represent you.
I first met Colin Amos who gave me a general understanding of how things worked during a divorce and my chances of success in court after hearing my situation. Being ten years prior Navy, I have seen many friends go through divorce and already knew most of it. I could tell he was upfront and honest with me so I decided to hire them.

I was directed to Billy Prince to represent me as my lawyer. Throughout the entire nine months of the divorce, Billy diligently worked hard on my behalf to receive the best outcome in every given situation.

I was constantly well-informed and notified of situations that arose during those nine months. My ex refused to clearly understand our situation and believed she was entitled to at least half of everything.

As a result, we fought it all the way to court. Thanks to Billy, the judge gave her less then what I offered as settlement and I now have sole custody of my kids /w child support and she is the every other weekend parent (with an extra night during the week). The only real complaint I have is the financial cost of all this which has landed me in debt. However, the cost would have been more easily affordable had my ex not been bull-headed and accepted my reasonable settlement.
Goldberg Jones attorney Billy Prince handled my divorce very well. Billy went above and beyond to help me get through this process as quickly as possible. I filed on Sept 10 and was divorced on Oct 23. I told him I wanted it to be like pulling off a Bandaid. Do it quick as possible. Thanks Collin for connecting me with Billy.
Bob W.
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Steven O’Hagen

Steve O’Hagan did a fine job for me. Mine was not a simple get it done affair. Lawyer O’Hagan was on point. The quickest e-mail response the best advice and always ready to take on the opposing counsel. I will continue to take advantage of his knowledge in whatever may arise. Thumbs up to the lawyer O’HAGAN.
Steve O’Hagan was the attorney representing me in my divorce case. I have to say that my divorce was unforeseen in my opinion, and I was absolutely crushed spiritually, financially, and physically when my separation/divorce began.

I was significantly afraid of the divorce process initially, as most people probably are, regarding many aspects of my case considering the relatively uncommon nature of some of the roadblocks that we encountered along the way.

Mr. O’Hagan gave me/my family such a wonderful feeling of comfort and satisfaction throughout the entire process. In fact, I would say that I barely ever had to be involved other than a few phone conversations and detailed disclosure, etc, otherwise, Mr. O’Hagan did EVERYTHING! As painful as a divorce can be…this was as painless as it gets.

I work a lot and have very little time to deal with things like a divorce, but Mr. O’Hagan’s expertise, diligence, and compassion really made my divorce a somewhat pleasurable experience, though I know how weird that sounds.

His professionalism is without reproach and I would recommend him to anyone for representation. Thank you again, Steve, for everything!
I used Steve For a pretty complicated divorce and child custody situation. Since the first phone call has been very cooperative and understanding, I’m also currently overseas and he’s made this whole process a lot easier by making our means of communication very precise and informative and has made this whole divorce process practically stress-free. I’ll definitely be using his services again if I’m ever in the situation, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.
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Donato Masaoy

Don was able to give me peace of mind by answering and clarifying questions I had about an upcoming divorce. He gave me more information than I got from anyone else- I highly recommend him.
Eileen M.
Going through a divorce is tough enough, but finding the right lawyer, especially a man, who understands a man’s point of view and has your best interest at heart. I heard about the commercials on sports talk radio and decided to give Goldberg Jones a call. Donato was there for me, guiding and helping me make the best decision for me in time of divorce.

He was reliable and always there for me. I was very pleased with the services and results. I would recommend Goldberg Jones and especially Donato Masaoy for any man going through a divorce. Thank you so much for helping me make it through to the other side.
I cannot speak highly enough about Don Masaoy and his willingness to help me in my time of need. He is compassionate, and knowledgeable, and took the time to listen to my concerns and help me through a difficult situation. Would absolutely recommend to anyone.
Don Masaoy was great. He thinks of things most wouldn't, and plans ahead. Soft-spoken yet firm with the other side, and I could feel the quality of my representation. I retained custody of my daughter, which is often hard for a father to accomplish in these cases. I'm glad Mr. Masaoy was in my corner during trial that's for sure.

I had the privilege of being represented by Mr. Donato Masaoy during an incredibly contentious divorce. From the outset, my wife weaponized an ERPO against me, making the situation extraordinarily challenging. As this was my first experience with legal proceedings, I initially felt unsure and overwhelmed.

However, Mr. Masaoy's unwavering support and incredible knowledge of the law quickly reassured me. Mr. Masaoy listened attentively to my needs and concerns, embodying the role of a true professional. His approach was characterized by extreme professionalism, honesty, and fairness.

He did not simply follow my directives but used his expertise to guide me through the complexities of my case. He was candid about what was achievable and always ensured that my interests were protected to the fullest extent of the law. One of the most commendable aspects of Mr. Masaoy's representation was his balanced approach.

He never sought to vilify my spouse but focused on ensuring a fair and just outcome. His dedication to my children, recognizing them as the true victims in this ordeal, was particularly admirable. He consistently prioritized their well-being, which provided me with great comfort. Mr. Masaoy's ability to achieve the best possible outcome for all involved was truly remarkable.

Despite feeling that the judge might not have been favorably inclined towards me, Mr. Masaoy remained steadfast and composed. He never allowed emotions to influence his judgment and consistently relied on facts and his profound knowledge of the law. His skills as a trial attorney were evident throughout the process.

Mr. Masaoy's integrity, expertise, and compassionate approach have earned my highest respect and gratitude. He navigated me through one of the most challenging periods of my life with a commitment to justice and fairness that I will always appreciate. If you are in need of a highly knowledgeable, professional, and supportive attorney, I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Donato Masaoy.

This is a long-overdue review, as our legal representation in our modification of custody for our daughter was outstanding. Our attorney at the Portland office, Donato, was always available for us, and helped us keep our sanity through one of the most stressful periods of our lives.

Our case was crazy, and the defendant was crazy and extremely difficult. He worked his tail off and thought of and used every legal tool at our disposal to keep our daughter safe and get her more time with us and out of her very unhealthy previous situation.

My wife and I will forever be grateful for what Donato did for our daughter, our whole family thanks you. And the firm Goldberg Jones was also great throughout the process. I highly recommend Donato Masaoy at Goldberg Jones for your family law representation needs.
Dominic S.
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Michael Hess

Michael Hass Was great he did everything I needed to do plus extra I would definitely recommend him for anyone who is a need of a good lawyer for men use Goldberg and Jones As a pinnacle for good legal advice.
Dan B.
I was in need of assistance with legal help for one of my children. Michael Hess walked me through each step and was very helpful and kind. Even after my case was closed he still took the time to reach out and ask how I was doing. If you need help with a custody case I would definitely recommend Michael Hess as an attorney.
I contacted Goldberg & Jones regarding modification/termination of a spousal support order. I met with Michael Hess. Michael was very profesional and easy to speak with. He was also up front and honest about the time frame involved as well as the cost, should it go to court. Michael always kept me informed of any issues as well as the status of my case throughout. The end result was total termination of all spousal support. (High fives all around!) Thank you again Michael...Outstanding job!
Michael Hess gave me good quality service. I am satisfied with the results, and he was very good a communicating with me often. I appreciated the way he explained things to me. I would not hesitate to call upon his services again.
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Phil D. Jones

I am very appreciative of everything Phil has done during my divorce. He is very upfront and realistic, kept me in the loop during the entire process. There were times when he was very busy, and I wasn’t being patient, however, I always felt he was doing the right thing, even if we didn’t communicate for a while. I would recommend to others!
Highly professional and time-effective. Phillip and Mike both helped me get my case taken care of and were there for me and helped me navigate the legal side of divorce.

Even during a pandemic they kept me informed of the courts timelines and were even able to get it completed ahead of schedule. Highly recommended for cost and communication. Five Stars!!!
Phil is calm & informative. Tells it like it is. Very available for texts & appts.
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John Alarcon

John was my lawyer for my complex divorce, and he was a zealous advocate throughout the entirety. John was thoughtful, caring, and proved a brave tactician when it came to strategizing the best way to handle my case.

John made otherwise difficult information seem very straightforward, and was always a responsive communicator. He really helped me land on my feet after a very difficult process.
John represented me during my divorce and custody case. He was extremely helpful and supportive. Clear, concise, and effective/timely communication really helped the entire process. I appreciate his dedication to every client and I highly recommend him to my friends and family when they are in need.
John A. was awesome. Had to find a lawyer for a separation, after having a default judgment filed against me. John was able to help walk me through getting the default set aside and a stipulated order agreed upon and submitted. Worth every penny I had to pay. Thanks again John.
John represented me during my custody case in 2019, I’m very grateful for how he handled my case with care and tact. I found that he used our appointment time efficiently and effectively, he didn’t get bogged down with extraneous details and was able to view the case as a whole.

He was very supportive which helped a great deal during the case, as it was very complex and stressful but I felt more at ease with him on my team. I would highly recommend John to anyone seeking an experienced, professional, and considerate attorney.
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Zach Walsh

Zach Walsh is an incredibly insightful and dedicated attorney- highly recommend working with him if you’re looking for a family law attorney!
Zach Walsh is an outstanding attorney. Tenacious when needed and a consummate professional. I've never had to rely on his services but I highly recommend him for anyone in need of a family law attorney.
Zach Walsh at Goldberg Jones was a pleasure to work with. His communication was prompt and his professionalism was exemplary. This was my first time hiring a lawyer and it was a positive experience in large part due to the ease of communication between us. I'd recommend him to anyone.
Working with Zach W. was great, very friendly and understanding of my situation, he went above expectations to help me get a fair decision and was great dealing with her ***** attorney.

I had switched from my first lawyer which had wasted both time and money. I worked with Zach Walsh at Goldberg and Jones. He helped me in my case get more parenting time with my kid which was the most important thing for me.

I am thankful I switched to Zach. And was appreciative throughout the process for his communication and working to understand my needs and help me get them. I will definitely come back when I need representation again.
Zach Walsh Attorney Profile

Elisabeth Cha

I can't recommend Elisabeth Cha and Goldberg Jones enough. The old saying you get what you pay for is true. After reaching out to a more affordable attorney first, who suggested I accept my ex's offer I contacted GJ for a second opinion.

During a consultation they recommended I try mediation. That based on my situation and since I wasn't requesting anything unreasonable I should save myself some money and try to negotiate a settlement on my own.

I think that speaks volumes right there. But after trying to negotiate with an unreasonable ex I contacted GJ again and was assigned Elisabeth Cha, who was amazing and managed to get me more parenting time than I thought was possible. The only thing I regret was not calling them sooner.


Before even having a formal consultation, I requested legal advice and got advice from this firm rapidly and without charge. The consultation here followed the thread of "How can we best help you," instead of "Well here are the hurdles you're looking at."

Immediately after the consultation, attorney Elisabeth Cha was always willing to answer any question, she kept me updated on every aspect of the proceedings even down to what would seem mundane. I do definitely recommend this firm to anyone requiring the services of family law

I had the luck of Elisabeth handling my case. She was wonderful and was easy to work with. I'm grateful and would recommend her for anyone dealing with these issues. Thank you again.
Elisabeth Cha did an AMAZING job with my divorce case. I thought I had a "Simple Divorce" and it turned out to be a two year nightmare. She was good explaining the process and terminology of a divorce.

She was very responsive to my e-mails and was always willing to investigate things if she didn't have an answer for my questions. Her listening skills are great. I never had issues getting a hold of her if I needed immediate assistance, this is something that not all attorneys do.

When it came to my hearings she was always prepared and was great at presenting my case to the Judge. A divorce is a very stressful situation to go through especially if there are children involved, I am grateful that I had a great attorney guiding me through this process.

Coming to a law firm for family issues can be very scary (at least it was for me). Intimidated by the unknown outcome as well as not exactly knowing the financial burden it carries. I sure hope that before you look further for other firms, you will at least read my story. I was fortunate enough to get Elisabeth as my attorney.

She was easy to work with, attentive, and very organized. I admit, I was a little doubtful at first about her as my attorney and having the confidence to work on my case (as she recently arrived at Goldberg and Jones), I wanted someone that had been in the firm longer, but I was far from being right. She is an expert and a professional in the field.

She approached me with direct answers to my needs, and explained in detail what my options were. We had various conversations and strategized moving beyond my case. Elisabeth carried out great work ethic throughout the case, and it paid off as I got the parenting time I requested with my one year old. As a father, I cannot describe how much of a victory this is for me.

I want to reassure the Goldberg Jones team, that they have made an excellent decision moving forward with Elisabeth, anyone to have a team player like her is fortunate to have such passionate person in their team that delivers tailored care towards their customers’ needs.

My son and I are very grateful to Elisabeth and the Goldberg and Jones team / family. I would say anyone to choose this firm to represent them can and should be confident that the staff is more than capable to handle any type of case regardless of how complicated it gets.

I also want to give a special thanks to Colin as he prescreened my case to choose the perfect attorney for me. He was very helpful from the get-go, and gave me direction of what I should be doing, what I should be expecting from the case, and how to proceed forward.

He was a rudimentary part of this process, and I can definitely see why he is an asset to the Goldberg and Jones team and why they carry a high level of service and care for their customers.

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Jessica Braverman

I knew that I was facing an uphill battle and had no idea which way to turn. Id presented my case to several other lawyers and was turned away. Collin was literally the FIRST person to actually sit down and listen to the different challenges and financial obstacles I was facing.

He didn't turn me away.. Instead he assigned me to Jessica Braverman and she promised me that we would see this through.. I hadn't spoken to my daughter in almost 3 years because of the divorce and she immediately set out to get me parenting time.

It has been full of challenges, and there are times even I have wanted to give up, but Jessica refused to let that happen. When it comes to your children, nothing is more important than fighting to be a part of their lives, and Goldberg and Jones have done that for me.

They have taken an impossible situation and given me hope for the first time in years. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, for everyone that has helped and especially to Jessica, she is a warrior and refuses to give up. You all have given me hope again. Thank you

Travis M.

As a woman, I wasn't sure what to expect from an attorney in a firm that labels itself "Divorce for Men." Let me tell you, I found a true gem in Jessica Braverman!

I had no idea how the whole divorce process worked and felt incredibly fortunate to have been referred to Goldberg Jones and to be able to work with Jessica. She guided me, ever so patiently, with appreciation for how hard divorce can be, even under the best of circumstances. Jessica was amazingly responsive to my never ending questions.

She was masterful in looking not only at the specifics of what I wanted and needed, but also at the bigger picture of how to make the whole legal process as simple as possible for me. I was grateful that she checked in with me on a regular basis and encouraged patience, knowing how anxiety producing it can be to go through a divorce.

I wouldn't wish divorce on anyone, but I feel I was in the best of hands, with Jessica! I'd recommend her, unconditionally, to anyone who might benefit from her straightforward style, prompt responsiveness, clear focus on and support of you as the client, and thorough knowledge of the legal system. Thank you, Jessica!


I wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you and the firm for the handling of my recent divorce.

In particular your attorney Jessica Braverman Esq.

I approached my divorce with a great deal of apprehension not ever having experienced a divorce before.

The moment I met Jessica I felt a level of comfort and confidence I wasn’t expecting.

Jessica brings qualities rare in our world. Empathy, sympathy, and an expertise that is so reassuring.

She communicated frequently and clearly throughout the process and was intent on doing what was right and fair for both parties.

Jessica is a real asset to your firm and should any of my friends or acquaintances find themselves in need of legal advice I won’t hesitate to recommend your firm and especially Jessica.

Jessica Braverman Attorney Profile

Danielle Ashcraft

I had a divorce case where I needed the best lawyer business could buy so i could fight for more time woth my beautiful daughter and not be abused by the system and my now divorced ex wife.

Danielle Ashcraft was that and more! She killed it. I put all my trust In her and she delivered more than I could say. Thank you for your help and professionalism. I hope I never have to use you again but I'd recommend you to anymore. Thank you!

Zach L.
Danielle Ashcraft Attorney Profile

Barry Fifth-Lince

Courteous. Informative. They listened and worked with me to get a deal that was right for me. Always found them to be responsive.
Georgie M.
Barry Fifth-Lince Attorney Profile

Colin Amos

I would like to start out with saying how great attorney COLIN AMOS is. I've had previous experience with attorneys, but Colin is one of a kind. My husband and I had three consultations with him and he didn't charge us a penny.

That says a-lot regarding an attorney that is willing to help at no charge. He is very professional and honest. Took the time to explain everything thoroughly and was extremely patient with us. We are grateful to have had met such a honest attorney. Thank you Colin for all your help!

Irina G.
Wow, Collin is thorough, strait forward and has outstanding integrity. If you are questioning what to do with your upcoming divorce, Collin and his team will have decisive answers for you. Thanks again.
Mike N.
Straight shooters. Truth hurts sometimes.
Bill S.

I am very happy with Goldberg Jones. My initial call with Colin was extremely helpful. I was trying my best to do my divorce on my own and he answered all my questions and gave great advice free of charge and let me know they were there if I needed them. A few months later, when my ex had become completely intractable, I called him back and John Alarcon was assigned to my case.

He was calming and helpful from the beginning. He took over the reins of dealing with the opposition, followed my wishes throughout the process, was patient when waiting on me (a period I was very sick with covid), and helped bring the ordeal to a conclusion that I was willing to accept.

It was not cheap, but there is no questioning he was worth every cent in the end. No one wants to go through these things, but if you have to then having the right representation is a must. Thanks John and Colin!

N. Zakula
Straight forward, efficient, and professional. Highly recommended.
Jason S.
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