Donato B. Masaoy

B.A. Seattle University
J.D. Willamette University College of Law

divorce attorney portlandDonato B. Masaoy III has a wealth of experience that makes him a valuable resource for husbands and fathers in divorce, custody battles, and other family law cases in Portland and the surrounding areas.

With two decades of legal experience under his belt, Donato has practiced across a wide array of disciplines. Beginning his legal career as a court-certified law clerk with the United States Attorney’s Office in Portland, he subsequently worked in numerous fields over the years.

Plying his trade in family law, criminal defense, consumer law, probate, tenant/landlord matters, and more, provided Donato with an abundance of firsthand knowledge and ample opportunity to hone his trial skills. A competitive, dedicated litigator, he’s a strong, passionate advocate for his clients.

Talking about Masaoy, managing attorney Colin Amos says, “With his wide-ranging background, Don has seen it all and has the experience to back it up. Clients know immediately that they’re in good hands, and he’s an enormous asset to husbands and fathers facing divorce and custody issues.” In addition to his legal pursuits, Masaoy also has a decorated military career.

A captain in the U.S. Navy Reserve, where he has served proudly since 1987, he is the Executive Officer in a unit that provides anti-terrorism and force protection support for high-value assets around the globe.

He is also a veteran of the Persian Gulf War and later served in Kuwait When not fighting for the rights of his clients, Donato enjoys spending time with his family and indulging his passion for music and musical instruments, especially vintage synthesizers.

Client Testimonial

divorce attorney portlandGoing through a divorce is tough enough, but finding the right lawyer, especially a man, who understands a man’s point of view and has your best interest at heart.

I heard about the commercials on sports talk radio and decided to give Goldberg Jones a call. Donato was there for me, guiding and helping me make the best decision for me in time of divorce.

He was reliable and always there for me. I was very pleased with the services and results. I would recommend Goldberg Jones and especially Donato Masaoy for any man going through a divorce. Thank you so much for helping me make it through to the other side.

– David L.

I cannot speak highly enough about Don Masaoy and his willingness to help me in my time of need. He is compassionate, knowledgeable, and took the time to listen to my concerns and help me through a difficult situation. Would absolutely recommend to anyone.

– Michelle

Don Masaoy was great. He thinks of things most wouldn’t, and plans ahead. Soft-spoken yet firm with the other side, and I could feel the quality of my representation. I retained custody of my daughter, which is often hard for a father to accomplish in these cases. I’m glad Mr. Masaoy was in my corner during trial that’s for sure.

– Erik

This is a long-overdue review, as our legal representation in our modification of custody for our daughter was outstanding. Our attorney at the Portland office, Donato, was always available for us, and helped us keep our sanity through one of the most stressful periods of our lives.

Our case was crazy, and the defendant was crazy and extremely difficult. He worked his tail off and thought of and used every legal tool at our disposal to keep our daughter safe and get her more time with us and out of her very unhealthy previous situation.

My wife and I will forever be grateful for what Donato did for our daughter, our whole family thanks you. And the firm Goldberg Jones was also great throughout the process. I highly recommend Donato Masaoy at Goldberg Jones for your family law representation needs.

– Dominic

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