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Brandon Riffel

Divorce & Family Law Attorney

BA Economics, University of Kansas
BA Political Science, University of Kansas
MA Economics, Syracuse University
JD Syracuse University School of Law

A dedicated and compassionate Portland divorce attorney, Brandon Riffel, is an unwavering advocate and powerful ally for husbands and fathers facing divorce, custody, and other family law issues. His dedication to his clients reassures them and instills confidence in his abilities.

Brandon’s reputation for integrity and empathy makes him a sought-after supporter of families in difficult times. He combines his extensive legal expertise, a wealth of knowledge that ensures his clients feel secure and in good hands, with a personalized approach to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Before transitioning to family law full-time, Brandon served as a district attorney for multiple counties in Oregon, prosecuting crimes ranging from misdemeanors to major offenses. His first-hand experience with divorce is a significant part of what draws him to the field.

I am driven to family law because having gone through a divorce recently, I realized how stressful it can be for the client,” he says. “I want to do everything I can to reduce that stress on my clients.

Brandon received bachelor's degrees in economics and political science from the University of Kansas. He followed this achievement by earning his MA in the same field from Syracuse University. From there, he remained on campus and embarked on his legal journey, earning his Juris Doctor from the Syracuse University School of Law.

An avid sports enthusiast, when he’s not actively consuming any live sporting event he can find on TV, Brandon and his mother are on a quest to visit every major league baseball park. At present, they’re roughly halfway there.

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