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Billy Prince

Divorce & Family Law Attorney

BA History and Spanish, University of Oregon
JD, Willamette University College of Law

Family law attorney Billy Prince is no stranger to seeing a case through a trial. As a deputy district attorney for the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office, Billy has tried numerous cases covering everything from juvenile dependency cases to prosecuting violent gangs.

His experience as a prosecutor has honed his skills as a diligent attorney who isn’t afraid to fight to protect his client’s rights. His experience provides a 360-degree perspective on complicated cases that may involve issues like substance abuse, domestic violence, and criminal activity.

Upon Billy's addition to the Goldberg Jones team, managing attorney Colin Amos praised his problem-solving skills and dedication to his clients, stating, “Billy is a problem solver. He isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and tackle the tough cases. He is a fierce advocate for justice and his clients.” Beyond his legal career, Billy is an avid sports fan and outdoor enthusiast, finding solace in activities like surfing off the Oregon coast and spending time with friends and family.

Client Reviews

Listen Men, None of you want to spend anymore time in the courtroom than you have to. I wasted a couple years and a lot of money getting jacked around by a subpar lawyer and it cost me precious months with my son. I missed his first words and his first birthday just to name a couple.

Then on the second round, I went with Goldberg Jones. I immediately began to see an experienced set of lawyers with expertise in their realm in action. It sounds cheesy, but I was having visits with my son like within a month or two. Anyone experienced in how long court stuff takes knows that is light-speed. Billy Prince was the man.

He went above and beyond to help me stay objective and focused on doing what was best for my son.

Sean S.

I had a lawyer before this to help try and navigate the hellscape that is a separation involving a child, it was f*****g miserable. Second time around I went to the people I kept hearing ads for on the radio GOLDBERG JONES- DIVORCE FOR MEN. It was the difference, Billy Prince was the difference. Not only were they super knowledgeable about similar situations, they also always took time to educate me about my rights and what to expect.

Billy took extra time out to help me with various situations related to custody situations, emailed me step-by-step instructions on specific portions which ended up saving me some cash, and also made a concentrated effort to help me manage my emotions and keep my son's future in focus to achieve the best outcome for myself and my son.

Absolute Legend.

Kenny S.

I initially used a mediator for my divorce(not recommended) and was paying my ex $2k per month in child / spousal support. My ex and I decided to get back together and she moved back in for nearly 2 years before we finally realized it wasn't meant to be.

Meanwhile, the old judgment was sitting in limbo and she hired an attorney and was going to come after me for almost $48,000 in arrears. That's when I started working with Billy Prince.

We came up with a long-term strategy to get out from under the old judgement - After a lot of back and forth, and a couple of parenting plan modifications, he helped me negotiate a more equal parenting plan and I never had to pay the $48k in arrears.

Although it's still not a 50/50 plan yet, we've made great strides in that direction. My only complaint is that fees are rounded up with emails and phone calls so read the fee agreement carefully.

George C.

After discovering I was in a paralyzing surprise separation, I reached out to Goldberg Jones and was connected to Billy Prince. He immediately partnered with me in making a structure and providing advice that gave me a stable & logical place to respond from.

Through the entire process, Billy gave me option sets and clear considerations for each of them. Ultimately, I felt supported to build a response that was intentional and reflective of my beliefs.

Even though the separation was the most devastating experience of my life, the outcome we received was favorable, and is a testament to great partnership with Billy. I would recommend Goldberg Jones and Billy Prince for strong defense, level-headed counsel, and a respect for personal values that can be represented in the hardest times.

Tom B.
Goldberg Jones attorney Billy Prince handled my divorce very well. Billy went above and beyond to help me get through this process as quickly as possible. I filed on Sept 10 and was divorced on Oct 23. I told him I wanted it to be like pulling off a Band-Aid. Do it quickly as possible. Thanks, Colin for connecting me with Billy.
Bob W.

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