prenup comic

Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

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When most of us think of a prenuptial agreement, we think of wealthy couples with more money than we can ever dream of. We’re talking about celebrities, rock stars, professional athletes, titans of industry, and Hollywood A-listers. After all, those folks have tons of assets to protect. So prenups are …

men and depression

Divorce and Depression: The Impact on Men

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Did you expect a sense of relief once you finally finalized your divorce? Did you anticipate an overwhelming wave of elation and well-being once you signed the divorce papers? Perhaps you did, but that initial relief often fades and depression sets in. That’s a natural expectation. After all, you’ve been …

business as an asset divorce

How Is A Business Divided In A Divorce?

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The courts view your business as a divisable asset, and that’s what the court looks at. If you start a business while married, it will likely be considered marital property. That said, you’re not completely without ways to cover yourself. If you started the business before you were married, it would be treated as separate property. But if you invest joint funds, commingle marital and business assets or your spouse invests sweat equity it will muddy the waters.

more divorces in January than any other month

Is January Really Divorce Month?

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Fair or not, nicknames stick and are often hard to shake. A pesky moniker can follow you around for years. How many of you have a friend who will forever be “Tiny” or “Lefty” or “Gonzo”? This doesn’t just happen to people, either. To some, the month of January, all …

10 Truly Scary Divorce Facts

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Divorce is usually a time of great upheaval. It may absolutely be the right decision, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In a relatively short span, your entire life changes, and it can be a frightening, uncertain experience. And not to add fuel to the fire, but here are some …

how to save money on your divorce

Ways to Save Money on Your Divorce

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Divorce is expensive. That probably doesn’t shock anyone. Fortunately, there are strategies to cut down on expenses and save money during a divorce. The exact cost of ending a marriage depends on many factors. And like most things in divorce, it varies from one case to the next. In terms …

how do divorce depositions work

What Is A Divorce Deposition?

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Useful tools, depositions often come into play in many legal cases. It’s common to use them in all legal areas, including family law. During the process of ending a marriage, you frequently encounter the phrase “divorce deposition.” But what exactly does that mean? What Is a Divorce Deposition? Depositions are …

mistakes men make in divorce

Mistakes Men Make In Divorce

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Over the course of the process of ending a marriage, things tend to get messy and complicated. There are a number of common mistakes made in divorce. Mistakes that damage your own case. In straightforward, low-conflict cases, things may progress smoothly. However, with forms to fill out, appointments to appear …

telling your spouse you want a divorce

How Do You Ask For A Divorce?

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Marriage isn’t always sunshine and puppy dogs. It often takes a lot of work, time, effort, and struggle. And still, it doesn’t always work out. Try with all your might, sometimes you just can’t make a marriage work. But when it’s time to pull the plug, you face one massive …

civil-standby restraining order

What is a Civil Standby in Oregon?

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It’s no secret that divorces often become contentious. Conflict forms a big part of the proceedings. Depending on the circumstances, many involve the use of restraining orders. These court orders can be useful tools to protect people and assets. When discussing restraining orders, it’s also often useful to talk about …

how do write of assistance's work

Writ Of Assistance, Divorce, And Child Custody in Oregon

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On a basic level, a writ of assistance is a written court order that instructs law enforcement, such as a sheriff or police officer, to take action to help one party obtain something specifically ordered in a previous court order. Essentially, this new order helps enforce a pre-existing order. When it comes to family law, there are a number of ways this can manifest.

divorce tips and strategies

Divorce Tips and Strategies

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Ending a marriage can be a chaotic, trying time. You have a lot going on. Meetings with attorneys, mediation, forms to fill out, documents to submit; the list is practically endless. It makes things easier to have a few divorce tips and strategies in your pocket, to have a plan …

should you hire a divorce lawyer?

When to Hire a Divorce Attorney

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There are a lot of questions to ask in the process of ending a marriage. One is whether or not you need to hire a divorce lawyer. The more complicated your situation, the more you’re likely to benefit when you hire a divorce lawyer. While you can handle the details of your split yourself, having representation benefits you in a number of areas.

why celebrate after divorce

5 Common Ways To Celebrate Divorce

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People love to celebrate. We’ll take any excuse to throw a party, whether it’s a holiday, a promotion at work, or the Trailblazers making a playoff run. While we usually think of ending a marriage as a serious, somber affair, that’s not always the case. Increasingly, many people take the …

can you prepare for divorce

Ways To Prepare For Divorce

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Attorneys are subject to a variety of rules, regulations, and stipulations when it comes to offering divorce and legal advice. Without an actual consultation, we can’t offer any concrete divorce legal suggestions. Beyond that, every situation is different. No single recommendation fits every case. Without examining the specifics, it’s impossible …

How Substance Abuse Impacts Divorce

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Countless factors contribute to the end of a marriage. Every situation unfolds differently, but drugs and alcohol too often play into divorce. Hugely detrimental to relationships, the question remains of how substance abuse impacts divorce. Addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and more affects millions of people and often …

what is the actual rate of divorce?

Is the 50% Divorce Rate a Myth?

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One statistic tossed around frequently is that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. The number varies a bit, but the gist is that roughly half of weddings have a corresponding divorce waiting.  As ubiquitous as this figure is, many just accept it as fact. But is the legend of …