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Back To School Tips For Divorced Dads

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We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but it’s almost time for the kids to go back to school. Depending on where you live, it may have already happened. It’s always tough for the kids to give up the freedom of summer break and return to the classroom. But it’s often equally difficult for the parents, especially newly divorced dads.

Adjusting takes time, but we’re here to help.

Back to School Tips for Divorced Dads

The start of a new school year presents a number of challenges. You’ve got new teachers, new classmates, and maybe even new schools. You and your kids are in uncharted territory. At best, getting used to doing homework again after two months off presents a definite change.

Despite the hurdles, a new school year also presents a fantastic opportunity to bond with your children and become more involved in their daily lives. This is especially vital for newly divorced dads. You probably don’t see the kids as much, so it’s important to take advantage of the time you do have together.

This may be your first school year as a divorced dad or it may be your tenth. Regardless, we’ve got some tips and strategies to help back to school go as smoothly as possible.

1. Meet the Teachers

Teachers see your kids every day. Depending on the grade, they may spend most of the day together. Outside of you and other family members, they’re likely the most important adults in your child’s life.

As such, it’s equally as important to open lines of communication. This helps you keep up to date on your child’s progress and stay aware of any issues that arise. Beyond that, it’s always nice to be able to put a face to the name.

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2. Update Your Contact Info

Newly divorced dads need to update their contact information with the school. Make sure they have the right address, phone number, email address, and emergency contacts on file.

It’s also important to inform the school that you’re recently divorced and let them know of any custody restrictions. Most schools, especially for younger children, have strict rules about who can and can’t pick up kids and that sort of thing.

You’ll likely also need to establish a schedule with the administration and keep them up to date on any changes.

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3. Split the School Supplies

Kids need lots of school supplies to start the year. There are backpacks, calculators, pens and pencils, notebooks, art supplies, and maybe even school uniforms. It adds up to a small fortune by the end.

Some parents want to share the cost to ensure neither faces an undue burden. You may want to split the costs right down the middle. Or if a teacher sends home a list of supplies at the beginning of the year, you can also divvy it up, especially if one parent has an eye for certain items.

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4. Coordinate and Communicate

Navigating shared custody gets tough, especially for newly divorced dads. You may not want to work with your ex or have any contact, but it’s important to coordinate.

This includes who’s going to pick up or drop off the kids at school, arranging daycare or babysitters if necessary, and scheduling various after-school activities.

A variety of apps and online scheduling resources exist for divorced dads and moms. You can set up a shared Google calendar to keep things straight and make sure you don’t miss any important events like games, plays, and parent-teacher meetings. Some parents also set up group chats so both parents can keep current with their children’s daily lives.

If you have problems communicating face-to-face, this often provides a useful, relatively easy alternative.

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5. Back to School Routine

While going back to school is stressful for newly divorced dads, it’s even more so for your kids. Establishing a routine provides comfort and consistency.

That way the kids know where they’re going to be and when. Make sure they know who’s going to pick them up from school, who will take them to soccer practice, and the like. Set specific times when they need to do homework, try to eat dinner at the same time, and keep a regular bedtime.

Divorce wreaks havoc on a child’s life and stability can be a powerful tool to help them cope. Some changes will happen, but try to maintain a steady, reliable routine as much as possible.

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6. Get Involved

Newly divorced dads often have it tough. With shared custody and parenting plans, you likely won’t get to see your kids as much.

While your time together may have limitations, it’s important to make the most of it and be as involved as possible. When it comes to this time of year, that can take many forms. This includes:

  • Asking them about their day and how school is going.
  • Communicating with their teachers to make sure you know of any issues that arise.
  • Helping them with homework, especially if they struggle in a certain subject.
  • If they participate in extracurricular activities, find ways to lend a hand.
  • Maybe you can help out with sets for a school play or the football team could use an extra coach.

These are good ways to get involved and show your kids how much they mean to you.

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7. Talk to Your Kids

Just like it’s important to communicate with your ex, it’s important to communicate with your kids. Going back to school can be tough, and so is going through a divorce. Taken together, your kids have a lot going on.

Take the time to talk to them. About school, about how they feel about the divorce, and about life in general. Keeping open lines of communication helps you stay aware of any problems they have, at school or otherwise.

If they’re used to talking with you, they’re more likely to share instead of bottling things up and letting emotions fester. And it also strengthens the parent-child bond. It’s your job as a parent to help steer your child in the right direction, and this is an especially important time for divorced dads.

Going back to school is tough for kids and parents. As with most things, divorce only makes it that much more difficult. Divorced dads don’t always have it easy, but you can take steps to help smooth out the process.

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