why celebrate after divorce

5 Common Ways To Celebrate Divorce

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People love to celebrate. We’ll take any excuse to throw a party, whether it’s a holiday, a promotion at work, or the Trailblazers making a playoff run. While we usually think of ending a marriage as a serious, somber affair, that’s not always the case. Increasingly, many people take the …

5 Ways Divorce Impacts Social Security

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Over the course of a marriage, two lives become inexorably entwined, and divorce is the process of untangling them. A relatively straightforward feat in shorter unions, the longer you and your spouse stay together, the messier things get. Social Security and Divorce For marriages over ten years, one thing to …

Moving On Up: Relocation After Divorce

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In general, the law recognizes maintaining close relationships with both parents serves the best interests of children following divorce. This isn’t always easy. Custody arrangements, parenting plans, schedules, and continuing conflict between exes can all derail parenting time. And circumstances often change. What If The Custodial Parent Wants to Relocate? …

how do write of assistance's work

Writ Of Assistance, Divorce, And Child Custody

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On a basic level, a writ of assistance is a written court order that instructs law enforcement, such as a sheriff or police officer, to take action to help one party obtain something specifically ordered in a previous court order. Essentially, this new order helps enforce a pre-existing order. When it comes to family law, there are a number of ways this can manifest.

what is the actual rate of divorce?

The 50% Divorce Rate Is A Lie

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One statistic tossed around frequently is that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. The number varies a bit, but the gist is that roughly half of weddings have a corresponding divorce waiting.  As ubiquitous as this figure is, many just accept it as fact. Has the divorce rate ever …

Can I Sign Away Parental Rights?

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Being a parent is a tough job. Depending on who you talk to, it may very well be the toughest gig around. As rewarding, fulfilling, and worthwhile as it can be, it’s also demanding, draining, and not for everyone. Some people take to parenthood naturally, while others grit their teeth …

Divorce Forms & Filing: What To Know

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Filing for divorce can be a long, intricate process. There are hearings, mediation, meetings with attorneys, arbitration, custody disputes, division of property, and more. And then there are the divorce forms to contend with. We’re talking paperwork on top of paperwork. All of this can be overwhelming. On a basic …

can you prepare for divorce

8 Ways To Prepare For Divorce

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Attorneys are subject to a variety of rules, regulations, and stipulations when it comes to offering divorce and legal advice. Without an actual consultation, we can’t offer any concrete divorce legal advice. Beyond that, every situation is different. No single recommendation will fit every case. Without examining the specifics, it’s …

how to protect your visitation rights during proceedings

Enforcement Proceedings: Protecting Custody Rights

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Many parents toil diligently to remain a part of their children’s lives in divorce and custody hearings. This isn’t always a fight that ends with the final agreement and ensuring that the rights you struggled for don’t get trampled can be a continuous battle. This is where enforcement proceedings may …

are pets considered property

Pet Custody & Divorce

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Many of us who own pets know that they are much more than just property. They may be valued members of our family and in some cases, even surrogate children. The law, however,  often views them as possessions and treated as such. That is changing, however. A recent case the …

our favorite blogs

6 Of Our Favorite Dad Blogs

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The internet is a wealth of information and resources. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it online. Key to our interests, there are countless outlets for husbands and fathers to support one another, share tips, and offer insight into the art of fatherhood. Dad blogs run the gamut from …

How The UCCJA Protects Your Children

How The UCCJA Protects Your Children

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During divorce, things can get bitter, nasty, and downright mean. There may be hurt feelings, lingering resentments, and all kinds of acrimony. When there are minor children and custody battles involved, the situation can become even more heated and intense. What is the ‘Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act’? All too …

5 Tips For Custody Exchanges

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Even in the most amicable situations, a divorce is likely to leave lingering traces of bitterness and resentment, perhaps even outright hostility. If you never see your ex again, maybe that’s just fine with you.  That’s all well and good, but if there are minor children and shared custody involved, …

How Is Property Divided In Divorce?

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Where you live can have a huge impact on your divorce as laws and regulations differ from state to state. For instance, Oregon has its own set of standards when it comes to property division that are different than its West Coast partners Washington and California. While those two are community …

4 Big Issues Men Face In Divorce

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Divorce is not easy for anyone. It may be the right choice, it may be what needs to happen, but that doesn’t make it simple or comfortable. Men and women face a number of different issues during the dissolution of a marriage, from the tangible, concrete, down and dirty details—things …

paternity and fatherhood

The Biology of Fatherhood

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The evolution of Fatherhood can be traced through changing attitudes and the societal norms of of a given historical period. From Victorian ideas of masculinity defined by a focus on work, and being the protector-provider,  to a more contemporary perspective of the father as a self defined, multifaceted role. This …

Attorney Spotlight - Liam McGill

Attorney Spotlight – Liam McGill

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Liam McGill grew up just outside Detroit in the state of Michigan. When he was younger he initially wanted to be a history teacher but was talked out of it. Feeling that law was a logical and more rewarding alternative, he eventually earned his Juris Doctorate at the University of …

is a modification possible

What is a Child Support Modification?

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Your divorce is finalized and the child support order has been determined. Your ex has primary custody of the kids and you have been told what you must pay each month. This determination was reached after the court analyzed the data and information provided to them by your ex and …

What Makes a Good Divorce Lawyer?

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What makes an attorney a “good divorce lawyer”? Think about all the lawyers you’ve seen on TV or in movies. Of course, there’s Atticus Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Maybe your parents or grandparents liked to watch “Matlock”, “Perry Mason” or enjoyed Paul Newman in “The Verdict” and Jimmy …

Divorce Selfies

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The “selfie” has become ubiquitous part of pop culture. It has become so pervasive that it has spawned a category of accessories (the selfie-stick) and sub-genres including “the gym selfie”, “the car selfie”, and now  “divorce selfies”.   There has been speculation that the rise of the selfie is a …

(or Hostile Aggressive Parenting)

Parental Alienation

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Guilt is a common emotion for parents going through divorce. That guilt can seep into relationships and become toxic to everyone involved. It is common for issues to surface before, during, and after the divorce; and the extent of those issues can jeopardize the ability of both parent and child …

Sherri Shepherd Baby Drama

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TV personality Sherri Shepherd has been making headlines regarding a recent ruling in custody case. The Sherri Shepherd decision, issued in April by a Pennsylvania Judge, is just one of three cases that have been brought in regards to the dissolution of Shepherd and Sally’s marriage. The case, as it …

3 Major Factors That Impact Divorce Cost

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The cost of divorce in Oregon is affected by a number of factors and can vary greatly depending on the unique facts of your situation. There are 3 major factors that will impact the final expense of your divorce: conflict, compromise, and counsel.  Let’s break those down. Conflict There is …

steps to fighting parental alienation

4 Tactics for Fighting Parental Alienation

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Father’s that are the target of Parental Alienation face a plethora of challenges. Overcoming those challenges can be overwhelming and leave fathers uncertain of their options for maintaining a relationship with their children. What is Parental Alienation? It is defined as “a social dynamic when a child expresses unjustified hatred …

dividing debt oregon divorce

Divorce and Debt in Oregon

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Finances are often at the forefront when a couple has made the decision to divorce. Who will get what and how those decisions are made can create a lot of anxiety. Additionally, some couples are surprised to find out that debts are also divided in the divorce process. Credit cards, …

Enforcing a Parenting Plan

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What should I do if my parenting plan is violated? The parenting plan is the cornerstone of your custody arrangement. If one party violates the agreement, knowing what to do will help you protect your relationship with your child. What is a parenting plan? A parenting plan is often part …

what is a civil standby in family law

Restraining Orders: What is a Civil Standby?

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A civil standby is an opportunity for those restricted by a restraining order to gather essential personal effects without violating the restraining order. Regardless if you are the petitioner of the restraining order or the respondent, understanding how a civil standby works and its limitations is important. In Oregon, a …

how do divorce depositions work

What is a Divorce Deposition?

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Depositions are not unique to family law, and while you may hear the term “divorce deposition”, that simply refers to a deposition that is being used in a divorce case. They are used for discovery in almost all areas of law where a transcript of the testimony is necessary. What …

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Divorce

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Educate Yourself Educating yourself on your rights and what to expect from the divorce process can help you save money. The more you know about the process the easier it will be to work with your attorney or mediator to reach a divorce agreement. Understanding the process will allow you …

can you change your decree after the fact

What Can I do After the Final Judgment?

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When circumstances change it can create challenges for men paying or receiving child support. Changes in employment status, household income, or other events can drastically affect the need for, or ability to pay, support. Can You Alter Your Decree After the Fact? For men in these situations, it can be …

4 divorce tips for your legal strategy

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For men going through divorce, having a plan and a divorce strategy in place can make a difficult situation easier. Creating a divorce strategy is particularly important for men—it will help you protect your assets, potentially reduce your support exposure and improve your chances of custody/more visitation during the divorce …

divorce communication

Communicating During Divorce

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When a relationship is coming to an end, it can be easy for couples to fall into a pattern of high conflict communication. Hurt feelings, anger, and all the other emotions that come with the territory can leave people scrambling to communicate effectively—but effective divorce communication can be essential for …

Colin Talks Paternity DNA Testing in Oregon

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Managing attorney Colin Amos stopped by 750 The Game to weigh in on current events and answer a few family law questions. The first topic of the day was the 3 million dollar paternity suit in which former Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher, has been named. According to online reports, a …

Grandparents’ Rights in Oregon – Third Party Custody

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The definition of family in the United States has evolved greatly and a one-size-fits-all characterization doesn’t exist. With the changing composition of American families, it is common for extended relatives and grandparents to step in and parent when the biological parent is absent or unable to fill the parenting role. …

protect your business in divorce

Business Owners Face Unique Challenges in Divorce

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Media mogul and business tycoon Rupert Murdock is back in the news—this time for his divorce from his third wife, Wendi Deng. With speculations running rampant over prenuptial agreements and divorce settlements, Murdock’s divorce serves as a reminder to all entrepreneurs that a deteriorating relationship can impact your business. After …

Oregon Custody: Parenting Evaluations

Oregon Custody: Parenting Evaluations

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Child custody can pose many challenging issues making it difficult for couples to reach a custody agreement. Ideally couples will work together to create a parenting plan and schedule that is acceptable for all parties. Realistically the courts will frequently be required to decide what is best for the child …

do step parents have rights

Step Parents’ Rights in Oregon

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The end of a romantic relationship is never easy. Add children to the equation and the complexity increases exponentially—it can be particularly difficult for men that developed a strong bond with their ex’s children. Terminating the relationship with mom usually means terminating the relationship with the kids, unless the man …

update on terry Archane

Update on Terry Achane’s Child Custody Case

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Court rules in favor of protecting Achane’s parental rights. Terry Achane is the Army Staff Sergeant that is battling to protect his paternal rights in the Utah Supreme Court. The custody battle began when Achane’s wife gave birth to their daughter and subsequently put the child up for adoption while …

7 year itch

7 Year Itch? Reasons for Divorce

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Danica Patrick announced in November she will be divorcing after 7 years of marriage and headlines have been screaming about the 7 year itch —also known as a period of marital boredom that is accompanied by an increased likelihood for infidelity. 7 year itch? 3 year glitch? When do relationships …

Child Support and Predictive Analytics

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Pennsylvania is leading the charge in child support enforcement Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Child Support Enforcement success in recovering financial support payments may be paving the road for change. Federal guidelines require that States secure at least 80 percent of support owed by non-custodial parents. Currently Pennsylvania is the only State …

How to Talk to People

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How to start a conversation. If you are recently divorced or just starting the divorce process, making small talk with extended family members, acquaintances, and strangers can be difficult —it’s common for men to wonder how to talk to people. We recently came across an article on one of our …

4 Divorce Tips From Grand Theft Auto

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With the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 looming on the horizon, it seems prudent to take a retrospective on the divorce tips learned from Grand Theft Auto. 4 things Grand Theft Auto can teach you about divorce 1. When your car is engulfed in flames, get out. At first …

Dissolving a Domestic Partnership

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Even if a couple isn’t married, there are legal matters they need to navigate when dissolving a domestic partnership. Portland divorce attorney Colin Amos fielded questions on maneuvering through that tricky terrain. Scenario 1: The first question he tackled: “My girlfriend and I are breaking up. We have been together …

family law for men

Are Men Second Class Citizens in Divorce?

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The Huffington Post ran a very interesting opinion piece this week on Men’s Rights and Family Law. The author, who is a divorce lawyer from St. Louis, believes that men’s right issues have been elevated to that of a civil rights crisis. “Quite frankly, men’s rights has become a civil …